What does the model number of the Philips monitor mean?

Let’s consider how the model number is assigned to Philips monitors and what information is encrypted in the model number. Although monitors Philips now produces Chinese company TPV Technology under license purchased from Philips. Nevertheless, this company keeps the logic in the designation of the model number of the monitor.

Explanation of the value of the model number of Philips monitors on the example 276B1/27.

  • 27 – monitor diagonal size in inches
  • 6 – a series of monitors in a ruler, the greater the value of a digit, the more opportunities the monitor has in this ruler of monitors.
  • B – line of monitors, all Philips monitors belong to some line of monitors E, V, P, M
  • 1 – type of stand in the monitor.
  • 27 – country or region for which the monitor is manufactured

You can find a slightly expanded marking of Philips monitors, such as 241B7QPJKEB/27. Explain this model number with a large number of characters can be so.

  • 24 – monitor diagonal size
  • 1 – monitor series in a ruler
  • B – line of monitors
  • 7Q – type of stand in the monitor.
  • PJKEB – monitor modification, slight differences in the basic characteristics.
  • 27 – country or region for which the monitor is manufactured.

Although the model numbers do not have much information. But when selecting a monitor, you can immediately determine which model series it belongs to. And you can immediately understand what screen diagonal of the monitor.

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