HP has not produced leptopes on its own for more than 10 years, the production of leptopes is ordered from major electronics manufacturers who, thanks to the large production capacity, can produce and develop new models of laptops. And only in India, there are still production facilities for assembling leptopes owned by HP. HP orders the production of leptopes from the following manufacturers.

Laptop manufacturing companies for HP

  • Compal Electronics is a Chinese electronics design and manufacturing company. It produces leptopes for HP, on production lines working for HP, employs 3500 people.
  • Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd. trade mark is Foxconn – laptops are produced in five factories, about 5000 people are involved in the production of laptops.
  • Quanta Computer Inc is also a Chinese ODM developer that produces custom-made laptops. At this factory, the assembly line working for HP, employs about 7000 people.
  • Wistron is another Chinese electronics manufacturer, which also assembles HP leptopes, and employs about 1500 people in its assembly line.

In India, there is a factory owned by HP, which collects leptopes for the Indian market. This is the policy of the Indian government. In an attempt to create jobs, taxes on supplied electronics from abroad have been introduced. It is more profitable for companies to open an assembly line in India and thus reduce the final cost of products. The assembly line producing leptopes employs about 450 people.

Who supplies components for the production of HP leptopes

Laptop screens are supplied by major manufacturers such as AU Optronics Corporation,
BOE Technology Group Co., LG Display. The rest of the components are supplied by various companies, mainly Chinese, as well as produced by leptopic assemblers in their production facilities.

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