It would seem obvious that HP monitors are produced by HP Development Company. But you are mistaken HP has not produced monitors on its own for a long time. All monitors are produced and developed by third-party companies. Then just during the assembly they are labeled HP, and if you look at the sticker on the back of the monitor you will see that the monitor is produced by a third party.

If you look at the list of HP suppliers, we can find out the following information about who manufactures components for monitors and makes HP monitors.

Who manufactures the components for HP monitors

For the production of monitors you need screens, electrical boards, monitor housing where it all should be installed. And the following companies are involved in the production of components for HP monitors.

  • AU Optronics Corporation – supplies screens for monitors
  • BOE Technology Group Co. – supplies screens for monitors
  • Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd (Foxconn) – supplies electronics and other components for the assembly of monitors.
  • LG Display – supplies screens for monitors.
  • Wistron – printed circuit boards

Which companies make monitors for HP brand

The main HP monitor manufacturer is Hon Hai Precision Industry Company Ltd (Foxconn), which produces the main part of monitors, HP monitors, Foxconn employs about 7,000 people in the factories in China.
Also monitors are assembled by Qisda Company in China, the production line for the assembly of HP monitors employs about 300 people.
Another site where HP monitors are produced is the Chinese company TPV Technology Limited, this company produces its own AOC brand monitors and under license Philips monitors and TV sets.
Also monitors for HP are produced by the Chinese company Wistron, this former production unit Acer. But now it is a separate company that develops and manufactures monitors. The company provides services to customers for the production of monitors, laptops and televisions.

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