I recommend resetting the remote control and reconnecting it to the TV to get it working again. In most cases, 9 out of 10, this will help restore the remote and the TV to regular operation.

Philips TV remote control does not work, problem solved

Philips remote control (with keypad) does not work

There are quite a few comments about problems with the Philips TV remote control, namely:
The remote does not work; after turning on the TV, the remote works for a few minutes and then does not respond to key presses. Only turning off the power and then turning it back on after 20-30 seconds helps.
Why the remote control may not work properly and how to adjust the normal operation of the TV.

You should know that in most cases, it is a compatibility problem between the remote control and the TV.

The solution can be simple; if you have a remote control with a keyboard, in such remote control, you can control the radio signals via Bluetooth. This kind of control makes it easier to interact with the TV. You must agree that typing on the remote and keeping it in position all the time is hard. It makes no difference to the radio remote where the remote is pointed.

For the remote control to work correctly, you must create a binding between the remote and the TV. Each remote has its identifier; the TV remembers which remote it should work with. This is necessary for the TV to work properly because there might be the same TV nearby, such as in a hotel. Binding the remote control is a standard procedure. It is not difficult, but the remote will not work with the TV if this is not done. Also, TV Philips, very often, the communication protocol is broken, it is difficult to say what the reason is, the remote loses pairing with the TV after some time.

How to pair Philips remote to TV (new TV Philips)

For the remote control to communicate with the TV, you must pair them. After that, you cannot operate another TV with this remote control. If you have a new Philips TV and you have turned on the TV for the first time, you are prompted to press the OK button on the remote control. In this case, the remote control is paired with the TV. When you turn off the power to the TV, the pairing is maintained. The TV can store the pairing information of up to 5 remote controls.

Re-pairing the remote control and Philips TV

You need to know if you want to pair another remote control with the TV. If you bought or someone gave you a remote control that has already been paired to the TV, pairing a different remote control will be different from pairing a new one. And you have to consider some nuances, which I’ll talk about a little later.

The remote control is already paired with another TV (used remote) Reset Philips TV remote control

To pair, place the remote control a short distance away from the Philips logo on the TV (about 10 cm) and press the (red) and (blue) buttons simultaneously. Be sure to place the remote control next to the logo. This is where the radio receiver is located, and pairing can only occur if the signal strength is sufficient. This safeguards against the accidental pairing of the remote control and the TV (these actions can only be performed intentionally). If the pairing is successful, a message on the TV screen indicates that the remote control and the TV have successfully paired. The remote control automatically resets and reconnects to the TV.

The remote control is not yet paired with the TV (new remote, old TV)

If you bought a new remote instead of your old one to pair it, place the remote control a short distance away from the Philips logo (about 10 cm) and press OK. A message appears telling you that the pairing was successful.
In case you cannot pair the remote control and the TV. You need to reset the remote control and pair it again. To do this, you need to follow the steps I described above. Press the red and blue button while holding the remote control next to the Philips logo on the TV.
Many remote control problems can be solved by re-linking the remote control to the Philips TV.

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  1. Amazing, it actually worked, i pushed the joystick on the back of the TV for 3 secondes, then got a message to pair the remote contrôle by punching on the red and blue buttons simultaneously for 1 second, and it works. Thank you.

  2. The joystick comment is wrong. Just the red & blue buttons on the remote seems to be needed.

  3. I cant get my philips 49pfs7109/12 to show the pairing message, I try hold the Joystick power button, have tried when i turn it on and hold for 3 secs, no message appear, and when I do it when the tv is on my tv turns off.. Am I doing something wrong ?

    • Press the colour keys red and blue simultaneously for 1-3 second. This should be done near the Philips logo

  4. Does not work. It is an issue with Google Play Services update and Philips bluetooth hardware. Uninstall any updates, that might fix it for a while. Poor quality TV from Philips, things like these not happen on LG or Toshiba.

    • I really hate mine. Worst 800 euros I ever spent. Aweful crappy TV. Slow internet, slow YouTube, freezes continuously. Garbage. Wish I had stuck with Samsung.


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