How to adjust the sound on a Samsung TV explained


How to adjust the volume on Samsung TV

Many people using a Samsung TV do not pay attention to the sound settings. But it is important, a proper setting can greatly improve the sound quality of your TV. If the sound is not set properly, some TV channels may have weak sound, the speech of actors may not be intelligible. For proper tuning, there are several settings in the TV settings. I will talk about the sound settings on your TV.

Samsung TV sound settings overview

The name of the settings and their number may vary depending on the TV model. But I’ll list the basic settings below and tell you what they mean.

  • Sound Mode
  • Audio Output
  • Expert Settings
  • WiFi Speakers

Sound Mode meaning

Sound Mode
Sound Mode

Sound mode means the following, you can select the settings that suit your needs. The TV has built-in programs that act as an equalizer and the TV adjusts the sound based on the settings. The following sound settings are available in this mode.

Note: The settings differ depending on the TV model.

Standard: In this mode the TV does not adjust the sound, the sound is reproduced as it was transmitted without adjustment. You may select this mode if you are watching a video with original sound quality. But I do not use this mode.
Movie: In this mode, the background effects are reduced, this is done by reducing the high frequencies and increasing the midrange. This mode makes watching movies more comfortable. I set this mode.
Optimized: individual effects are more powerful and sounds are more expansive. This setting replaced the Cinema mode. Recommended for use.
Amplify: Amplify the middle and high tones of the sound. It is used when the sound quality is very poor.

Sound output on the Samsung TV meaning

Sound output
Sound output

This setting determines how sound is output from your TV. To the TV speakers or an external speaker. On some TVs, you can choose how you want to mount the TV. On a stand or on the wall.

WiFi sound output on your Samsung TV meaning

This setting will be active if your TV supports connecting external speakers via WiFi. The TV must be able to switch to a WiFi hotspot and stream audio content to the speakers. Not available on all TVs.

Expert sound output settings on your Samsung TV meaning

Expert sound output settings
Expert settings

This setting allows you to further customize the audio output, as well as change the audio output settings for external sources. The available settings are.
Balance: amplifies the sound from the right or left speaker.

Equalizer: adjusts the level of bass and treble. This setting allows you to adjust the sound to your own preference.
HDMI Input Audio Format: Allows you to select your preferred audio format for the HDMI audio input. Set this if you are watching videos on HDMI, such as using Roku TV.
Digital Output Audio Format: Allows you to select the digital output format. Dolby Digital + option is only available through HDMI (ARC) for external speakers that support this format.
Dolby Atmos Input: Set to On if the connected speakers support Dolby Atmos.
Auto Volume: automatically adjusts the volume depending on your usage.
Audio Feedback: plays audio cues as you move through the settings and select options.
Sound Reset: resets the current sound settings to their default values.

Recommended sound settings for your Samsung TV (using the TV speakers)

I recommend the following settings (using TV speakers):

  • Sound mode – movie or optimized
  • Sound output – TV speakers, if available choose the TV installation type.
  • Expert Settings – auto

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  1. Our Samsung smart TV has started doing something totally new – after being fine for seven years.
    When we turn it in, a VERY LOUD voice says “ volume 44”, which is very annoying. Even when we mute it, it yells “MUTE”. We haven’t been able to change this, let alone work out why it has started doing it. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

    • If your TV is announcing everything you do, then Voice Guide is turned on. Voice Guide is an accessibility function to assist users who are visually impaired.

      To turn off Voice Guide, navigate to Home > Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Guide Settings > Voice Guide.

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