Miele household appliances, including washing machines, belong to the premium class. The buyer is offered the best products on the market. Naturally, the latest and modern household appliances should have an appropriate image. But the fact is that the washing machine model is produced for several years, usually 3 to 5 years. And if washing machines are expensive, it may well be that a particular washing machine has lain in the store or the warehouse for several years before reaching the home of the lucky buyer. And not every customer will agree to buy a washing machine model manufactured several years ago.

Therefore, Miele’s policy is that the customer does not need to know when the washing machine was manufactured. The date of manufacture is known only to Miele.

Miele pays excellent attention to the company’s image, issuing newsletters and brochures about its products. But at the same time, it is not stipulated that, for example, the presented washing machine model 2019 is the model of 2018 with minor changes. The line of washing machines is updated gradually, and a new model is developed; it is added to the list of produced washing machines, and the model of the washing machine, which is discontinued, is removed from the catalog. And many such models are, in fact, modifications of one model. But this is how the appliance business is built, and all companies use this approach to production.

Miele washing machine production date how to find out

There are several ways to find out the production date of your Miele washing machine. These methods are not exact; they will only give you an approximate production date for your Miele washing machine, with a range of six months.

  • You can write a letter to technical support. Include the serial number and model of the washing machine. Since many people have asked this question, it was not always possible to get an accurate answer. I think it is most likely that older models of washing machines do not have the information or were not entered into the database of serial numbers of washing machines. 
  • Look for the date of manufacture of the washing machine parts. But it won’t be an exact date. For example, manufacturers of plastic parts stamp when the part is cast. But this is inaccurate and can only be seen on removable parts; usually, such a stamp can be found on the removable detergent container. 
  • Look online for information; very often, it only takes about 5 minutes to find the answer. And yes, you can only use reviews or catalogs to determine what year this model of washing machine was sold, in which case the time variation can be several years. 

Here is an example of how to determine the manufacturing date of a washing machine using an Internet search. For example, look at an ad for a Miele washing machine for sale. We know the model of the washing machine, the model W 487 WPS, and now let’s search on the Internet for what information we can find about it. I found a review about this washing machine from 2012. The Miele W 487 WPS series washing machines were manufactured very around the year 2000.

I have tried to gather in the table a list of Miele washing machine models from 2010 to 2022. Of course, this is not the whole list of Miele washing machines,
The list is not exact because, depending on the country, the washing machine’s model number designation may differ. Nevertheless, this is at least a small part of the information. If you need help, you can ask a question in the comments. I will try to help you.

Miele washing machines and dryers by year 2010-2022

catalog countryyearmodelload typeType
2010W 5988 WPS LW EcoComfortFrontwasher
2010W 5840 WPS LW EcoComfortFrontwasher
2010W 5982 WPS LW Frontwasher
2010W 5830 LW Frontwasher
2010W 5722 EDFrontwasher
2010W 3104 LWFrontwasher
2010W1945 WPS EcoComfort LWFrontwasher
2010W 1914 LWFrontwasher
2010W 1713 LWFrontwasher
2010W 2859 IL WPM E EDbuilt-inwasher
2010W 2859 IR WPM E EDbuilt-inwasher
2010W 2819 IL WPM E EDbuilt-inwasher
2010W 2819 IR WPM E EDbuilt-inwasher
2010WT 2780 WPM LWFrontwasher dryer
2010WT 2789 i WPM EDbuilt-inwasher dryer
2010W 605 LWtopwasher
2010T 8986 WP LWFrontdryer
2010T 8626 WP LWFrontdryer
2010T 8822 С EDFrontdryer
2010T 8402 С LWFrontdryer
2010T 7944 С LWFrontdryer
2010T 7744 С LWFrontdryer
2010T 4859 СI R E EDbuilt-indryer
2010T 4859 СI L E EDbuilt-indryer
2010T 4819 СI R E EDbuilt-indryer
2010T 4819 СI L E EDbuilt-indryer
2010W 3488 WPS Medicwash LWFrontwasher
2010T 4804 С MedicDry LWFrontdryer
Germany2011W 1964 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 1966 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 3240 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 3241 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 3241 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 5902 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 5903 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2011T 7634Frontdryer
Germany2011W5831 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 5825 WPS edFrontwasher
Germany2011T 7644 CFrontdryer
Germany2011W 65965 WPS Frontwasher
Germany2011W 6564 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 6566 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 6766 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 6749 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 5841 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2011W 143 WCSTopwasher
Germany2011W 605 F WSC Topwasher
Germany2011W 643 F WPMTopwasher
Germany2011W 647 F WPMTopwasher
Germany2011T 8302Frontdryer
Germany2011T 7974Frontdryer
Germany2011T 7984 CFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8303Frontdryer
Germany2011T 8402 CFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8902 CFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8826 WPFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8827WPFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8966 WPFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8967 WPFrontdryer
Germany2011T 8000 SupertronicFrontdryer
Germany2011T 9546Frontdryer
Germany2011T 9666 C Frontdryer
Germany2011T 9767 WPFrontdryer
Germany2011W Supertronic CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 67-69 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 28-39 CHbuilt-inwasher
Germany2011W 59-69 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 19-79 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 58-41 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 59-05 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 58-25 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 17-35 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W SPECIAL S3 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011W 600-43CHtopwasher
Germany2011WT 27-80 CHFrontwasher
Germany2011T Supertronic WP CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 97-67 WP CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 89-67 WP CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 48-39 C CHbuilt-indryer
Switzerland2011T 88-27 WP CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 89-23 C CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 87-25 CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 88-25 С CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 79-64 С CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T 89-05 С CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T SPECIAL SA CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011T SPECIAL SC CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2011PW 5068 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2011PW 5061 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2011PT 5140 WP CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2011PT 5139 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2011PT 5138 C CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2011T 8903 CFrontdryer
Switzerland2011W 1714 WCSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 1935 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 1948 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 1949 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5000 WPS SupertronicFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5820 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5825 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5905 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5964 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5967 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 5969 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2011W 605 F WPMTopwasher
2011W 627 F WPMTopwasher
2011WT 2780 WPMFrontwasher dryer
2012T 7634Frontdryer
2012W 3360 SilenceFrontwasher
2012W 5820 SilenceFrontwasher
2012W 5920 For AllFrontwasher
2012W 5876 WPSFrontwasher
2012W 5820 InoxFrontwasher
2012W 5888 WPSFrontwasher
2012W 5000 WPS AutodosageFrontwasher
2012W 5902 For AllFrontwasher
2012T 8902 С For Alltopwasher
2012W 2819 I blanc CHD ou CHGbuilt-inwasher
2012W 2859 I blanc CHD ou CHGbuilt-inwasher
2012WT 2780 SFrontwasher dryer
2012WT 2789 i WPM inox CHDbuilt-inwasher dryer
2012T 8812 CFrontdryer
2012T 8822 CFrontdryer
2012T 8902 C For AllFrontdryer
2012T 8822 С inoxFrontdryer
2012T 8866 WP EcoComfortFrontdryer
2012T 8001 WP EcoComfortFrontdryer
2012T 8722Frontdryer
2012T 4819 Ci blanc CHDbuilt-indryer
Germany2012T 4819 Ci inox CHD ou CHGbuilt-indryer
Germany2012T 8860 WPFrontdryer
Germany2012W 5872Frontwasher
Germany2013T 4859 Cibuilt-indryer
Germany2013T 7634Frontdryer
Germany2013T 7634Frontdryer
Germany2013T 7644 CFrontdryer
Germany2013T 7950 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8164 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8302Frontdryer
Germany2013T 8822 CFrontdryer
Germany2013WKF 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013T 8823 CFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8857 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013WMF 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013T 8860 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013WMH 260 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013WMR 860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 1914 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013T 8903 CFrontdryer
Germany2013W 2819 I WPMbuilt-inwasher
Germany2013W 2859 I edbuilt-inwasher
Germany2013W 665F WCStopwasher
Germany2013W 665F WPMtopwasher
Germany2013W 627F WPMtopwasher
Germany2013W 693F WPMtopwasher
Germany2013TMM 440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013TKB 440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013TKB 450 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8877 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 4819 Cibuilt-indryer
Germany2013TKG 450 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013WT 2789i ed WPMbuilt-inwasher dryer
Germany2013W 5839 WPS Frontwasher
Germany2013W 5887 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 1914 WPS Frontwasher
Germany2013TMG 440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013W 1906 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5903 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5885 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5965 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 6544 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 6546 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 6746 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 665 F WCStopwasher
Germany2013W 665 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2013W 1714 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 693 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2013W 183 WCStopwasher
Germany2013W 183 WCStopwasher
Germany2013T 7934Frontdryer
Germany2013T 7944 CFrontdryer
Germany2013W 1935 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013T 8303 Frontdryer
Germany2013T 8802 CFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8803 CFrontdryer
Germany2013W 1935 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 194 WCStopwasher
Germany2013T 8823 edFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8856 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8866 WP Frontdryer
Germany2013T 8867 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8968 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8969 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8007 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013T 9646 CFrontdryer
Germany2013T 9749 WPFrontdryer
Germany2013WT 2780 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2013W 1948 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 3164Frontwasher
Germany2013W 3370Frontwasher
Germany2013W 5877 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013T 8812 CondenserFrontdryer
Germany2013W 5780Frontwasher
Germany2013T 8722 VentedFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8822 C CondenserFrontdryer
Germany2013T 8866 WP Flacon Heat PumpFrontdryer
Germany2013W 1724Frontwasher
Germany2013W 1914 Frontwasher
Germany2013T 7644 С CondenserFrontdryer
Germany2013T 7934 VentedFrontdryer
Germany2013T 7944 С CondenserFrontdryer
Germany2013T7950 WP Heat PumpFrontdryer
Germany2013WT 2789ibuilt-inwasher dryer
Germany2013W 2819ibuilt-inwasher
Germany2013W 1949 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013WT 2780Frontwasher dryer
Germany2013W 2859i WPMbuilt-inwasher
Germany2013W 3250 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 3250 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 3251 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 3251 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 3251 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5000 WPS SupertronicFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5820 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5821 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5825 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5861 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5872Frontwasher
Germany2013W 5889 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2013W 5905 WPSFrontwasher
2013W 5964 WPSFrontwasher
2013W 5967 WPSFrontwasher
2013W 5969 WPSFrontwasher
2013W 627 F WPMtopwasher
2013W 668F WCStopwasher
2013W 668F WPMtopwasher
2013W 695F WPMtopwasher
2013WKF 130 WPSFrontwasher
2013WKG 130 WPSFrontwasher
2013WKH 120 WPSFrontwasher
2013WKH 130 WPSFrontwasher
2013WKH 270 WPSFrontwasher
2013WKR 770 WPSFrontwasher
2013WMF 820 WPSFrontwasher
2013WMG 120 WPSFrontwasher
2013WMH 120 WPSFrontwasher
2013WT 2780 WPMFrontwasher dryer
2013WT 2789i WPMbuilt-inwasher dryer
2014T 8164 WPFrontdryer
2014T 8703Frontdryer
2014T 8857 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014T 8881 SFrontdryer
Germany2014TDA 150 CFrontdryer
Germany2014TKB 440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TKG 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TKG 650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TMB 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TMG 440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TMG 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TMR 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014W 194 WCStopwasher
Germany2014TKB 650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TKR 650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TMM 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TMV 840 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014WDA 110 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2014WDA 200 WPMFrontwasher
Germany2014W 5861 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2014W 668 F WCStopwasher
Germany2014W 666 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2014W 695 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2014W 5889 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2014WKF 120Frontwasher
Germany2014WKG 120Frontwasher
Germany2014WKR 570 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2014WMF 120Frontwasher
Germany2014WMG 120Frontwasher
Germany2014WMR 500 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2014TKG 440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014TKR 350 WPFrontdryer
Germany2014W 605 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2014W 627 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2014WDA 210 WPMFrontwasher
Germany2014WKB 130 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2014WKB 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2014WKF 130 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKG 120 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKG 130 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKH 120 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKH 120 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKH 130 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKH 270 WPSFrontwasher
2014WKR 770 WPSFrontwasher
2014WMF 820 WPSFrontwasher
2014WMG 120 WPSFrontwasher
2014WMH 120 WPSFrontwasher
2014WT 2796 WPMFrontwasher dryer
2015T 8823 CFrontdryer
2015TDA 150 CFrontdryer
2015TKB 450 WPFrontdryer
2015TKG 450 WPFrontdryer
2015WKF 130Frontwasher
2015WKG 130Frontwasher
2015TKR 450 WPFrontdryer
2015WDA 110Frontwasher
2015W 5741Frontwasher
2015W 5873 WPSFrontwasher
2015T 8861 WPFrontdryer
2015WT 2780 WPM Frontwasher
2015WDA 210 WPMFrontwasher
2015WKH 130 WPSFrontwasher
2015WKR 770 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKB 130 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKB 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKF 110 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKF 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKG 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKF 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKG 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKG 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKH 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKH 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKH 270 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WKR 770 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMB 120 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMB 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMF 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMG 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMG 820 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMH 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMH 260 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMR 860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WMV 960 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015WDA 110 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2015WDA 200 WPMFrontwasher
Germany2015WDA 210 WPMFrontwasher
Germany2015W 5889 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2015W 194 WCStopwasher
Germany2015W 668 F WCStopwasher
Germany2015W 668F WPMtopwasher
Germany2015W 690 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2015W 695 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2015WT 2796 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2015TKB 550 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TKB 650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TKC 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TKC 650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TKR 650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMB 540 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMB 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMG 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMM 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMR 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMV 840 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMM 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMR 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015TMV 840 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015T 8703Frontdryer
Germany2015TDA 150 CFrontdryer
Germany2015T 8164 WPFrontdryer
Germany2015T 8881 SFrontdryer
2016T 4859 CiFrontdryer
Germany2016T 8703Frontdryer
Germany2016T 8881 SFrontdryer
Germany2016TCE 630 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TDA 150 CFrontdryer
Germany2016TMB 640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016W 194 WCStopwasher
Germany2016W 2859i WPMFrontwasher
Germany2016W 600-95 CHtopwasher
Germany2016W 668F WCStopwasher
Germany2016WKR 771 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 272 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 271 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 131 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 122 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 121 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKF 131 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016W 668F WPMtopwasher
Germany2016WDD 030 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WDB 030 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMV 963 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMR 863 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMH 262 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMH 261 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016W 690F WPMtopwasher
Germany2016WMH 121 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMG 823 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMF 121 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMF 111 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMB 120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMB 120 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2016WDA 201 WPMFrontwasher
Germany2016W 695F WPMtopwasher
Germany2016TKR 850 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TKG 850 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TKG 840 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TCF 630 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TDD 130 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TDB 130 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TMV 843 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TMR 843 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TMM 843 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TMG 840 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TMB 540 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016TMB 140 WPFrontdryer
Germany2016WDB 030 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2016WKB 130 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2016WMV 900-60 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WKR 500-71 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WMR 500-61 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 100-21 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WKH 100-31 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WMH 100-21 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WMF 800-20 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WKK 200-30 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WKG 100-30 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WKF 100-31 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WMF 100-21 CHFrontwasher
Germany2016WMF 100-41 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WKB 100-30 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WMB 100-20 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2016TMV 800-40 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TKR 800-50 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TMR 800-40 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TKG 800-40 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TKG 800-50 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TMG 800-40 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TKK 600-50 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TKB 600-50 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016TMB 600-50 CHtopdryer
Switzerland2016T 88-83 Solar CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2016WT 27-96 CHFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2016WT 27-89 CHFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2016WKB 130 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WKG 120 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WKG 130 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WKH 132 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WMG 120 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WMH 122 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2016WT 2796 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2016WTF 130 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2016WTH 720 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2016WTH 730 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2016WTZH 730 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2018T 8703Frontdryer
Switzerland2018TCE 520 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TCE 630 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TCR 860 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TCR 870 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TDA 150 CFrontdryer
Russia2018TDB 220 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TKG 640 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TKG 650 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TKR 850 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TMG 640 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TMR 640 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TMR 843 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TMV 843 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TWR 860 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018TWV 680 WPFrontdryer
Russia2018W 668F WCStopwasher
Russia2018W 690F WPMtopwasher
Russia2018W 695F WPMtopwasher
Russia2018WCR 860 WPSFrontwasher
Russia2018WCR 870 WPSFrontwasher
Russia2018WCR 890 WPSFrontwasher
Russia2018WDB 030 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WDD 130 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WDB 020Frontwasher
Switzerland2018WDD 030Frontwasher
Switzerland2018WKR 571 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WMR 561 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WMV 960 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018W 667topwasher
Switzerland2018W 690 F WPMtopwasher
Switzerland2018TDD 230 WPFrontdryer
Switzerland2018WKF 311 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WTH 130 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2018WTH 120 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2018WTZH 130 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2018WWV 980 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWR 880 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWR 860 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWI 860 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWG 360 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WKH 132 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWI 320 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWI 660 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWE 320 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWE 860 WPSFrontwasher
Switzerland2018WWE 660 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2018WMH 122 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCI 330 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCI 670 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCI 660 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCE 330 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCE 670 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCE 660 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WCE 670 WCEFrontwasher
Germany2018WDB 020 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2018WDB 03 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2018W668 F WPMtopwasher
Germany2018W 196 WCStopwasher
Germany2018WTF 130 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2018TWJ 680 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018TWH 620 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018TWE 520 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018WTF 130 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2018TCJ 690 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018TCJ 680 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018TCH 630 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018TCE 530 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018TDB 630 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018WTH 720 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2018TDB 230 WPFrontdryer
Germany2018WTH 730 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2018WTZH 730 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2019T 8703Frontdryer
Germany2019TCE 520 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCR 860 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCR 870 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TDB 220 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TWR 860 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019W 600-95 CHtopwasher
Germany2019W 668F WCStopwasher
Germany2019W 668F WPMtopwasher
Germany2019W 690F WPMtopwasher
Germany2019W 695F WPMtopwasher
Germany2019WCR 860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCR 870 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCR 890 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WDD 130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WKF 311 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WWV 900-80 CH Frontwasher
Germany2019WCR 800-90 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WCR 800-60 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WWR 800-60 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WCR 700-70 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WWE 800-60 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WWI 300-20 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WCI 600-70 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WWI 600-60 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WCE 300-30 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WWE 300-20 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WCE 600-70 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019WWE 600-60 CHFrontwasher
Germany2019TWV 600-80 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TCR 800-70 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TWR 800-60 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TCR 800-60 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TCJ 600-90 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TWJ 600-80 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TCE 500-30 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019TWE 500-20 CHFrontdryer
Germany2019WTZH 700-30 CHFrontwasher dryer
Germany2019WTH 100-20 CHFrontwasher dryer
Germany2019WWG760 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WWG660 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WWG660 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WWD320 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WWD120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WWD120 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCI870 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCI860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCG370 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCG670 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCG660 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCG670 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCD330 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WDB330 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCD130 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCD120 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WCD130 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019TWV680 WP Frontdryer
Germany2019TWJ660 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TWF640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TWF500 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TWD440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TWB140 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCJ670 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCJ660 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCF650 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCF640 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCD450 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCD440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019TCB150 WPFrontdryer
Germany2019WSR863 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WSI863 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WSG363 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WSG663 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WSD323 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WSD123 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2019WER875 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WEI875 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WEG375 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WEG675 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WED335 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019WED135 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2019TEJ675 WPFrontwasher
Germany2019TEF655 WPFrontwasher
Germany2019TED455 WPFrontwasher
Germany2019TEB155 WPFrontwasher
Germany2019WTF130 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2019WTH720 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2019WTH730 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2019WTZH730 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Switzerland2020PWM900-09 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2020PWM500-09 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2020PWM500-08 CHFrontwasher
Switzerland2020PDR900-08 CHFrontdryer
Switzerland2020PDR500-08 CHFrontdryer
Germany2020WSD663 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2020WSA033 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2020WWV980 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WCR890 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WWR860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WCR870 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WCR860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WWI860 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WCI870 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WWG360 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WCG670 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WDD131 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2022WWH860 WPS Frontwasher
Germany2022WWE360 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2021WCD330 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2021WWD660 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2021WCA030 WCSFrontwasher
Germany2021WCA030 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2021WWA028 WPSFrontwasher
Germany2020WTD165 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2020WTD163 WCSFrontwasher dryer
Germany2020WTW870 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2021WTR870 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2021WTR860 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2021WTI360 WPMFrontwasher dryer
Germany2021WTD160 WCSFrontwasher dryer
Germany2020TED455 WPFrontdryer
Germany2021TCF760WP Frontdryer
Germany2021TWD440 WPFrontdryer
Germany2021TCD450 WPFrontdryer
Germany2020WS613 WCStopwasher
Germany2020WW690 WPMtopwasher
Germany2020WW670 WPMtopwasher
Germany2020WW630 WPMtopwasher
Germany2020WW690 WPMtopwasher
Germany2020WW670 WPMtopwasher
Germany2020WW630 WPMtopwasher
Germany2020WW630 WCStopwasher
Germany2020WW610 WCStopwasher

How to contact Miele Technical Support

If you need to know the production date of your washing machine Miele or other Miele appliances, you can try to contact the company’s service support and ask a question. You might be able to get help, you have nothing to lose, but you can get the information. For convenience, here are the links for contacting Miele support.

  • Miele Germany – support tel. 0800 22 44 666
  • Miele US – support tel. 888-996-4353
  • Miele UK – support tel. 0330 160 6600
  • Miele Austria – support tel. 050 800 800

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  1. Hi , I bought locally on ebay a W 3370 Miele Washer.
    The above chart indicates that it was manu. in Germany in 2013 . The door opening button is not working. Access is only though a pull lever in the fluff chamber . Can the door opening button be fixed by a local domestic appliances engineer ?

  2. Hi there I have a w1756 and wandering which year this was made? it’s not opperating on the start button so think it needs a control panel.

  3. Hi, I have a Miele Novotronic W 526…. can’t find any information on it anywhere. Trying to find a replacement rubber seal is a nightmare, haha. Any idea what year it is?

  4. Hi,

    I have a washer and dryer with Miele Novotronic. W 1918 on the front of both of them. Do you have any idea what year this is or how much it may be worth if it’s running well? Thank you 🙂

    • The Miele Novotronic W 1918 is a model from the late 1990s. It was manufactured until 2003-2004. Now this washing machine sells for $100-150

  5. Hi. I have a Miele washer and dryer, Novotronic W 1918 on the front of both of them. Any idea what year this was made, and how much it would be worth if it works? You can email me at: MikeBrown4911@gmail.com. Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi Anatoliy,

    What an exhaustive list! This would have taken so much work! Just want to let you know I appreciated it. I almost bought a 10 year old washer and dryer and was told it was one year old.

    • Hi,
      Miele W504 Plus Premier – this is a 2004 model. It could have been purchased between 2004 and 2008


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