From the beginning in 2010, Game Mode appeared on TVs and monitors. This mode is in the Samsung, LG and many other TV manufacturers.

Game Mode – allows you to optimize the response speed of the picture on the TV, when you connect to the TV game consoles, such as PlayStation ™, Xbox ™ or use the TV as a monitor.

Why there is a delay in playing the image on the TV

Consider this option you connect to the TV game console. To connect you use the HDMI port. The picture is created by a video card, then we will look at the path of the created picture as a digital signal.

  • The signal is sent to the HDMI out port (converted to the HDMI standard) and a delay of about 5-10ms is transmitted via cable to the TV.
  • The picture as a digital signal comes to the HDMI in port on the TV, the conversion to a signal acceptable for processing by the TV processor, a delay of 5-10ms.
  • Image processing by the TV processor, delay 20-100ms.

As a result, the delay from the moment of transferring pictures from the gaming console to the TV can be from 30 to 120 ms, which is quite noticeable for the player.

How Game Mode works

The longest delay time so-called (Input lag) gives the processor of the TV. Why this happens, the picture is processed by the processor on the TV, for a better image, various additional processing programs are used, for example, Samsung uses Digital Clean View, Ultra Black, Auto Motion Plus. All these programs additionally process the image and delay the display of the image on the screen.

When you turn on Game mode, all additional programs that are designed to enhance the image are disabled. The signal from the HDMI port immediately goes to the graphics processor to display on the screen without any additional processing.

The delay does not completely disappear but significantly decreases by 2-3 times. For example, if before the inclusion of the Game mode, the delay was 80ms. then with the game mode enabled, it will be 25ms.

The TV turns into a monitor, but the image may slightly deteriorate, but for games it is not critical.

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