Who Makes Hitachi TVs

The Japanese corporation Hitachi was one of the leaders in the production of television sets. But in early 2010, after strengthening the positions of Korean companies LG and Samsung, in the production of televisions there were problems with the profitability of the direction of sales of televisions. Hitachi decided to abandon the production of televisions. In 2012, the last TV factory in Japan was closed.

But the Hitachi needlework decided not to abandon the Hitachi brand and continue to sell Hitachi televisions but to produce televisions from third-party electronics manufacturers under the Hitachi brand. If in 2010 Hitachi produced and sold 1,200,000 televisions in Japan, then in 2018 about 60,000 televisions manufactured under the outsourcing scheme were sold. Thanks to this policy, the direction of TVs has remained profitable. It produces exactly as many TVs as it is planned to sell.

Hitachi TV who makes

Hitachi has not been producing televisions since 2012, nor is it investing in the development of new televisions. Carries out only placing orders for the production, sale and service of televisions manufactured under the Hitachi brand.

Hitachi TVs in Europe

For the European market, TV sets are produced by the Turkish concern Vestel. This is one of the largest outsourcing TV manufacturers. To promote sales and service, TVs are allocated in a separate cluster and supported by the associated company Hitachi Digital Media Group and are available on the website http://tv.hitachi.eu. This division is engaged in television sets in Europe, Turkey, Russia. TVs for Europe have model numbers 55HK6500, 43HE4000, 75HL17W64 A.

Hitachi TVs in the USA, Canada, South America

Canada, Mexico, South America, the television direction is also highlighted separately. Sales and support are provided by the Hitachi America, Ltd. service division. Televisions are available at http://www.hitachi-america.us. Televisions have the model number designation 70R70, 60RH, 60RH2 and similarly for other TV models for the USA and Canada. According to unconfirmed information, TV sets for the US and Canada markets are manufactured by Hisense Chinese concern. TVs occupy the lower price segment (budget niche). Many complaints about the after-sales service. The official representative office does not repair TVs older than 3 years.

Mexico TVs are supported by Hitachi, Ltd. http://www.hitachi.com.mx/en/products/personal/home-electronics. Due to the small number of models and small sales, the televisions are allocated to a small department at the Mexican office. Mexico models M55N6, M49N4 are available.

TVs Hitachi Japan, Oceania

In Japan, Hitachi rebranded and sells Hitachi televisions under the Wooo brand, but in 2018, Hitachi occupied only 1% of the Japanese market. Desiring to preserve its retail and service network since the end of 2018, Hitachi is selling Sony TVs through its centers. In some countries Hitachi does not sell TVs at all

Judging from company policy, the TV brand Hitachi is still interesting for the corporation. If there are losses in the outsourcing system, the brand will probably be sold, by analogy with Toshiba.

Now the Hitachi brand for TVs is positioned very mediocre, many buyers prefer other brands when buying a new TV.

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