The main difference between home cinemas and soundbars

Home theater – it has a player in its composition, with an amplifier that allows you to play video and sound from various media, as well as speakers.

Soundbar is just an amplifier with speakers, but it can realize the possibility of connecting to it various devices that reproduce content (Blu-ray players, computers, etc.)

Home theaters in connection with the development of the Internet and the creation of sites with video, allowing you to watch movies on the network, did not need home theaters. In the US and Canada, home cinemas are soundbars in Europe.


In the middle of the 20th century prototypes of home theaters were created, then it was possible to broadcast stereo format sound and manufacturers experimented with the number of speakers, as an example of the Yamaha YSP-4000BL


With the development of television technology and the start of the production of large TV sets with screens of 40-80 inches, as well as the appearance of HD movies with 7.1-5.1 soundtracks, it became possible not only to watch TV, but also to create a surround sound like in a cinema.

схема размещения акустики 5.1.

At first home cinemas were produced as sound amplifiers equipped with speakers, later they were also equipped with DVD players, and later after the DVD format became obsolete, home theaters are equipped with Blu-ray players.


In the mid-20s of the 21st century, services were widely used to watch videos on the Internet and the need for a player to become acoustical became unnecessary. The release of home theaters with the players was virtually discontinued.

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