TV Toshiba models 2018 year

Toshiba TVs official sites Europe, US, Canada, Mexico

For information, the official sites on which Toshiba TVs are presented

  •– official website of Toshiba TVs of the Vestel concern (Turkey). Televisions for Western Europe and Ukraine.
  • – The official site of Toshiba TVs in the United States. In North America, the Toshiba TV brand is owned by Compal Electronics, Inc

Toshiba TVs 2018 review

Toshiba was suffering losses in the North American market from TV sales. Therefore, it was decided to sell Toshiba’s TV business in North America, which was done in early 2015. The production facilities (plant in Mexico) and the right to sell Toshiba-branded TVs in the U.S., Canada and Mexico were acquired by Compal, which continued to produce Toshiba TVs.

After this deal, the televisions are no longer sold on Toshiba’s official Japanese website. The Toshiba brand for televisions is simply managed by the current owner and has nothing to do with Toshiba Japan. The current owner of the Toshiba brand (televisions) simply assembles televisions using components from different manufacturers.

Since the change in ownership, the number of TV models sold has changed, as well as their quality. As a result, while in 2014 Toshiba had the 8th largest number of TVs sold with a 3.4% market share. In 2017, Toshiba TVs are no longer in the top 10, and sales are about 2% of TVs sold.

There are just over 10 TV models in 2018, and these TVs are very mediocre in their specifications. Cheap screens, minimal functionality. The main advertised advantage is that the TVs have support for Netflix, Prime Video, PlayStation Vue, HBO and Amazon Alexa. The televisions are positioned as inexpensive equipment. But many people buy TVs remembering the quality and innovative technology that Toshiba TVs once had.

In 2018, there are 12 models of TVs in this series that vary in screen quality and screen resolution.

2018 Toshiba TV Comparison Chart

Toshiba lineup 2018 US Canada Mexico

BrandModelYearPanel TypeScreen sizeSeriesRefresh RateBit screenscreen resolutionspeakerstunerPorts
Toshiba43LF421U192018LED434608bitfull HD2x10WATSC/QAM3xHDMI;1xUSB
Toshiba49LF421U192018LED494608bitfull HD2x10WATSC/QAM3xHDMI;1xUSB
Toshiba49L510U182018LED495608bitfull HD2x10WATSC/QAM3xHDMI;1xUSB
Toshiba55L510U182018LED555608bitfull HD2x10WATSC/QAM3xHDMI;1xUSB
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