TVs from the factory, shipped with factory settings. By default, the TV is set to home mode. But if the TV is sold in a retail store that has a showroom, it may well be that the TV has been set for all to see. It’s also possible that your TV has accidentally gone into demo mode at home.

Why do you need demo mode, demo mode, shop mode, retail mode

Samsung periodically changed the name of the modes, you can meet the following names: retail mode, store mode, demo mode. But these are all the same thing.

It is important for the manufacturer that the TVs are well bought, for this purpose, at the factory in the TV memory they record a demo clip, This is a good quality video, when you watch the video clip on the screen tells you about the benefits of the TV. This clip can be run on the TV in the store, there is no need to connect an external video source. Also in demo mode, when you turn on the TV programs, you can see for example a QR code to go to the Samsung website with a description of the TV model. The TV in store mode is automatically set to higher brightness and contrast modes, since generally in stores there is good lighting and visually the brightness of the TV screen decreases. All these settings are good for the store, but at home interferes with normal video viewing. To turn off the mode in the store is very simple, you just need to switch the TV to home mode.

retail mode

How to disable demo mode, store mode in Samsung TV step by step.

To disable store mode do the following.

  1. Press settings on the remote control (Menu)
  2. Select General settings mode
  3. Select mode
  4. Enter the pin code to access global settings, the default is 0000
  5. Set Home mode

Finish your TV is now in home mode.

How to disable demo mode, store mode in an older Samsung TV step by step.

If you have a TV made more than 10 years ago, the order to disable demo mode, store mode may be slightly different

  1. Press the “Home” button on the Samsung remote control.
  2. Go to “Settings” and select “Support.
  3. Scroll to the end and select “Use Mode.”
  4. Select “Home Use” and press “Done.”

How to disable store mode (retail mode) using the buttons on your TV.

In today’s TVs, the button controls on the TV are minimized, it can be a single button in the form of a joystick. Pressing the button is ok (enter) like on a remote control.

  1. Press the button
  2. Select General settings mode
  3. Select mode
  4. Enter the pin code to access the global settings, the default is 0000
  5. Set home view mode

How to disable store mode using the remote control buttons on an older Samsung TV

Make sure your TV is on, and then look for the volume and menu buttons on your TV. These are usually at the bottom right or and left.

  1. Now press the volume button once.
  2. When you see the volume indicator appear, hold down the menu button for about 15 seconds. You must press the menu button while the volume indicator is active.
  3. If you have done everything correctly, the screen will show “Standard” and this will indicate that you have exited the demo mode.

However, if an error occurs while following the steps, “Store Demo” will be displayed and you may have to repeat the steps until “Standard” appears.

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