Apple’s production date before 2021 and after 2021 explained

You should be aware that all Apple products released in 2021, the new generation, have a random serial number. The serial number is random in all respects and contains no additional information. This applies to the following Apple products

  • iPhone13
  • iphone13 pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 SE
  • MacBook Air M2 chip
  • MacBook Pro M2 chip
  • iPad 9
  • iPad mini 6
  • iPad Air 5
  • iPad Pro 5 / 12.9″
  • iPad Pro 3 / 11″

As well as all future generations of Apple devices. However, you can find out the production date of your iPhone, iPad, Mac not only from the serial number. There is an indirect way to determine the production date, and in this article I will tell you how you can find out the production date of Apple devices even after 2021.

How to check iphone manufacturing date

Do you have a question about when was my iphone made or when was my ipad made? You can check it yourself and quite easily, now I will tell you how to do it. The serial number on an Apple product before 2021 contains information about the date of manufacture. For an iPhone phone, iPad, or any other device, the following general order is used, the date of manufacture of the device is two characters. The date of manufacture changes once a week, so the date of manufacture is detailed to 7 days. Read more about how to decipher the serial number in the article

Decoding iPhone Serial Number 2010-2022.

Additional information: As I mentioned earlier, Apple has changed the serial number format for new devices in 2021. The serial numbers do not contain information about the production date. They are assigned randomly. In 2021, new devices (generations) will have random numbers. If it is a line of phones, iPhone 13, you will no longer be able to determine the production date from the serial number. If you are interested in a device developed before 2021, you can use the table below to determine the production date of an iphone, ipad, or any other Apple device.

Where is the production date in the serial number of an Apple device until 2021

DNPCJ3X073N (iPhone11 Model)

Finding the date of manufacture in the serial number of an Iphone or iPad is easy. The date of manufacture of an Apple device is the 4th and 5th characters of the serial number. CJ – The first character is always a letter, the second character can be a number or a letter. You should know that the date of manufacture can be found out to the nearest week.

Apple serial number manufacture date until 2021

Since the production date consists of two digits, the following order has been adopted to indicate the assembly date of the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch since 2010. The first digit is a year, but not just a year, but a half-year, the first 6 months of the year from January to June, and the second half-year from July to December.
The second number is the week in the year. There can be 53 weeks in a year, but only 27 characters are used to represent them. Replacing the first character makes the production date number unique.

Apple Product Date Cycle

Apple is a high-tech company that produces electronics. In today’s world, one model of electronic device is not produced for more than 2 years. The original plan was to use a serial number structure with a cycle of 10 years. For example, in our example, CJ means: production date April 2010, April 2020, April 2030.
But we understand that 2030 is not yet here, so it’s not 2030. That leaves 2010 or 2020, but since this is the serial number of the iPhone 11, which began production in 2019, this is the phone model released in 2020. Because of the change in serial number structure, this rule only applies to products developed before 2021.

Apple product manufacturing date 2010 to 2021, table

For convenience, the table below lists the production dates of Apple electronic products (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch). All you have to do is find the characters in the serial number that define the date of manufacture. Using the table, you can easily determine the date of manufacture of your device. Only for devices designed before 2021.

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How to find out when the iPhone, iPad was manufactured after 2021

Aplpe phones and tablets after 2021 have random serial numbers. This means that a certain batch of phones has its own serial numbers. But there is no single system for creating a serial number. So, for example, if you want to know the production date of the iPhone13, you will have to do it with the help of Apple Product Support. To do this, follow these steps. Find the serial number of your iPhone 13. Go to Apple’s service and support page at Check Coverage Serial Number Apple.
Enter the serial number of your device and get information about it. In addition to the name of your device, you will be given the information:

  • Valid purchase date – the phone was manufactured and shipped to the retailer by Apple.
  • Phone tech support: Expired – Apple provides 90 days of free phone tech support, after 90 days during the warranty period, you can get paid phone tech support.
  • Repair & Service Coverage: Active
  • Your product is covered for eligible hardware repair and service under Apple’s limited warranty.
  • Estimated Expiration Date: October 25, 2022 – this means that your phone was registered with iCloud on 25/10/2021.

From this information, we can conclude that your phone was manufactured around the end of the third quarter to the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2021.

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