Toshiba is facing big financial problems from 2015. These were caused by risky capital investments and fraudulent accounting reporting. Therefore, Toshiba sold its business to other companies. As a result, the situation with Toshiba televisions is such that since 2018 Toshiba has not been producing televisions or visual solutions at all.

Toshiba TVs USA, Canada, Mexico 2015-2021

2015 – Toshiba leaves the North American market. The Toshiba brand for TVs is licensed and the factory in Mexico is sold to Compal Electronics, Inc. It is a large company that develops products and then manufactures products for customers through an outsourcing scheme. As a result, televisions for the U.S., Canada, Mexico are manufactured in Mexico at the former Toshiba factory, the supply of components is mainly from China. Compal also specializes in manufacturing laptops, some models of Dell, Lenovo, HP laptops are designed and manufactured by Compal. TV website for North America

Toshiba Europe TVs 2015-2021

In Europe, the brand was licensed by the Turkish holding Zorlu Holding and it owns a subsidiary company Vestel. Vestel produces TV sets under the outsourcing scheme under the trademarks Hitachi, Grundig, Toshiba. Toshiba televisions are licensed for production in the following countries.
United Kingdom
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Bosna i Hercegovina)
Croatia (Hrvatska)
Cyprus (Κύπρος)
Czech Republic (Česká republika)
DACH (Deutschland – Österreich – Suisse)
Denmark (Danmark)
Finland (Suomi)
France (France)
Greece (Ελλάς)
Iberia (España – Portugal)
Italy (Italia)
Lithuania (Lietuva)
Netherlands (Nederland)
Norway (Norge)
Poland (Polska)
Romania (România)
Serbia (Srbija)
Slovakia (Slovensko)
Slovenia (Slovenija)
Sweden (Sverige
Turkey (Türkiye)
Ukraine (Ukraine)
Since 2015 TV sets for Europe are produced by Turkish concern Vestel. TVs for Europe website

Toshiba TVs Russia, China, Japan and other countries.

In some regions where TV sales were good, the company left TV production behind. The TVs were developed and manufactured by Toshiba Visual Solutions. But the ongoing crisis forced Toshiba to sell the division to Hisense, a Chinese concern. In 2018, the division’s transfer was completed and from 2018 onwards Toshiba televisions are produced by Hisense China. Hisense does not support Internet resources for TVs, granting the right to do so to distribution companies.

Toshiba brand licensing for Compal and Vestel

After the sale of Toshiba Visual Solutions, the question arose as to how to license the Toshiba brand for Compal and Vestel. Toshiba explained that until the end of the licensing agreement, Compal and Vestel will have the right to produce Toshiba-branded TVs. The licensing period will not be disclosed.

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