LG refrigerator serial number is a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer. It usually consists of letters and numbers and contains specific information about the appliance. The serial number LG contains information such as the place of manufacture, production line, date of manufacture (year and month), and the unique identifier of the appliance. Here’s how to find out the production date of a Samsung refrigerator

Information sticker for LG refrigerator

Finding the LG refrigerator serial number is not a complicated process, described in detail in the article “How to find LG refrigerator model number and serial number.”

The information sheet contains all the information about the refrigerator, including the model number and serial number. In some countries LG lists the production date and in others it does not. If the production date is not indicated, the serial number must be found to determine the date; it may be designated differently: “SER.No”, “S/N”, “S/No” or “Serial/N”, depending on regional traditions the country for which the refrigerator was manufactured. It is recommended that you write down the serial number for future reference.

If the serial number is difficult to see, there are a few practical solutions: Use a barcode reader app on your smartphone. These apps can scan the barcode and display the serial number.
Alternatively, you can take a photo of the serial number on your phone and enlarge it so you can see it more clearly. Here is an example of an information sticker that is located inside the refrigerator.

information sheet LG fridge

LG refrigerator serial number decoder

The serial number contains information about the refrigerator, and this information is important when buying a used refrigerator. For example, the seller may claim that the refrigerator was purchased in 2016, and this may be true, but at the same time, the date of manufacture may be 2012, and the refrigerator itself has been in storage for 4 years. Knowing the real age is very important, as a refrigerator older than ten years can create problems with finding parts and repairs. The serial number consists of information blocks in which certain information is encoded.

LG refrigerator serial number structure

LG refrigerator serial number consists of three main components:

  1. Production Date: Encoded in the serial number and is necessary to determine the actual age of the refrigerator.
  2. Factory Code: Identifies the factory where the refrigerator was manufactured and the assembly line number.
  3. Refrigerator Number: This is simply the number under which the refrigerator was assembled on the assembly line. 

This data provides information about when, in which factory, and on which production line the refrigerator was made. This comprehensive coding allows the manufacturer to track production quality and control the quality of parts in the future.

LG refrigerator production date general information

LG uses a ten-year cycle to assign a production date in the serial number. Indirectly, this means that LG products have been manufactured for at most 10 years. To accurately determine the production date of your refrigerator, you need to know both the model and serial numbers. By combining this information, you can accurately determine the year and month of production. For example, if the refrigerator’s serial number indicates a production date of 2010 or 2020, and you know that the model has been manufactured since 2008, you can conclude that the year of manufacture is 2010.

LG refrigerator serial number decoding example

decode serial number LG Fridge

As an example, let’s look at the actual serial number, 410KRSB08294, taken from the refrigerator information sheet.

  • 410 – means the date of manufacture of your refrigerator
    • 4 – means the year of manufacture
      • 0 – 1990, 2000, 2010, 2020
      • 1 – 1991, 2001, 2011, 2021
      • 2 – 1992, 2002, 2012, 2022
      • 3 – 1993, 2003, 2013, 2023
      • 4 – 1994, 2004, 2014, 2024
      • 5 – 1995, 2005, 2015, 2025
      • 6 – 1996, 2006, 2016, 2026
      • 7 – 1997, 2007, 2017, 2027
      • 8 – 1998, 2008, 2018, 2028
      • 9 – 1999, 2009, 2019, 2029
  • 10 – month of refrigerator production
    • 01 – January
    • 02 – February
    • 03 – March
    • 04 – April
    • 05 – May
    • 06 – June
    • 07 – July
    • 08 – August
    • 09 – September
    • 10 – October
    • 11 – November
    • 12 – December

From our example, it follows that the refrigerator was manufactured in October 2014, as the LG LFXC24726S refrigerator model began to be manufactured in 2011.

  • KR – code of the factory where the refrigerator was assembled
    • KW – Korea
    • PW – Poland
    • RA – Russia
    • RV – Russia
    • PN – China
    • MR – Mexico

B0 – number of production line where the fridge was assembled

  • 8294 – number of the fridge.

So you can find out how old your LG refrigerator is. Knowing the age of your refrigerator, you will be able to orientate the practicality of repair in case of malfunction. Yes, and you should know that the service life of LG refrigerator is up to 20 years, under the condition of timely replacement of worn-out parts. On average, refrigerators can serve for about 12-13 years. All this is conditional, as it depends on the refrigerator’s intensity; the more often you open the door or load the products, the longer the compressor should work, and of course, the wear and tear increases.

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  1. i have refrigerator serial number with missing letters in between. can you advise what can be the complete serial number.
    model LFX25778SW
    serial number – 302M****P277.

    really appreciate your help.

    • This refrigerator was manufactured in February 2013. It is not possible to restore missing characters in the serial number.

    • Only approximately, according to the model number, you can determine the period when the refrigerator was manufactured.

  2. Model GL-E302RLVC
    Is it possible to find year of manufacture by above LG model number fridge ?

    • The GL-E302RLVC refrigerator began production in 2013. You can find out the exact date of manufacture by referring to the serial number.


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