If you need information about your LG refrigerator, now I will tell you where you can find the model number and serial number of your LG refrigerator.
You may need the model number and serial number of your refrigerator in the following cases.

  • If you want to register your refrigerator on the official LG website
  • If you need to find parts for your refrigerator
  • Contact technical support
  • Call a technician to repair your fridge

Where to find LG serial and model numbers, lookup model number LG

You should know that the information sticker inside the refrigerator should be placed inside the side. The placement of the information sticker may vary slightly, it depends on the factory where the refrigerator is assembled. But there is a general rule, the sticker should be looked for in the refrigerator compartment, the sticker is never placed in the freezer compartment. It can be damaged in the freezer compartment, and it can be difficult to see because of the frozen food.

Series and model numbers on LG refrigerators with a top freezer compartment

On refrigerators with a top freezer compartment, the serial and model numbers can be found on the top right side wall of the refrigerator compartment.

Model number and serial number placement on LG Side-by-Side American-type refrigerators

If your refrigerator is of this type, there is a partition in the middle that separates the refrigerator’s chambers. These refrigerators are also called American-type refrigerators. Look for your refrigerator’s model number on the left side of the partition, in the refrigerator section.

Find the number and serial number of your LG French or multi-door refrigerator.

The information will be posted on the left side of the refrigerator, on the inside wall of the refrigerator section.

Model number location on older LG refrigerators

If you have a refrigerator that was assembled before 2014, the placement of the model number information may be slightly different. But always use a very simple rule of thumb. The placement of the information can only be in the refrigerator compartment, never look for the sticker in the freezer compartment or on the refrigerator doors. Place the information sheet in a place where it is easy to reach and read the refrigerator information.

LG refrigerator model number and serial number on the sticker

You can easily find the model number and serial number of your refrigerator on the sticker, in the picture below I have shown where the model number is, it is marked as Model. The serial number (SER.no.) Barcode is needed when your refrigerator needs to be repaired. It is easier for a technician to read the serial number with a scanner than to enter the information manually.

If you have difficulty reading the model and serial number, you can take a picture of the sticker with your phone and then enlarge the image and easily read the information.

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