100% Color Volume by Quantum Dot Technology

If, until 2020, Samsung indicated in the specification for televisions what bitness was installed on the TV screen. Since 2020, Samsung has limited itself to mentioning that in TVs with QLED screens, 100% color volume. But it is not clear what it was compared to.

100% Color Quantum Dot Explained

Samsung switched to a commercial designation, which means the following as Samsung imagines. 100% color volume using the technology of quantum dots – all Samsung screens made using the technology of quantum dots have the same quality and the TV shows the maximum number of shades. The color depth is 10 bits and can show a billion shades.

What is the catch? 100% color volume from Samsung.

But the thing is, if previously Samsung indicated a color depth of 10 bits or 1 billion shades and put an asterisk. One could find a mention that to achieve such a number of shades, dithering or FRC technology is used. Blinking the backlight visually increases the number of shades. But many buyers did not like that, for example, a $ 1,000 TV set had a matrix with an 8-bit color depth.

Now, having come up with a new parameter, you can not mention which matrix is ​​installed on the TV. An advertising move that works on the next marker for the buyer. 100% color volume is no longer possible, 100% means the maximum possible number of shades. The second part of the phrase, according to the technology of quantum dots, is missed by many from perception. 100% color volume using the technology of quantum dots is indicated on TVs with screens of 10 bits and 8 bits + FRC.

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