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As creators state, the app Snapchat – is a virtual space for one-on-one communication. Snaps (snapshots) – short videos and photos taken and transmitted through the chat are self-destructed after viewing or after a certain configurable period of time. All traces are erased and third parties will not be able to get hold of the correspondence and snapshot exchange. Even though the screenshot function isn’t blocked by the app, data leakage through the saving of self-destructing pictures is still possible.

The Snapchat app is a godsend for those who are looking for a chat for free communication without electronic surveillance. What’s more, interactives like Snapstreak enrich your experience and boost your creativity. Built-in photo editing capabilities allow you to improve the quality of your photos and add fun details (lenses) to them, and automatic snapshot cleanup avoids the risk of your photos falling into the hands of third parties.

Is Snapchat worth your attention

Contemplation and inability to retain its 100% about Snapchat! The basic idea here is that you send messages to your friends that, when viewed, self-destruct. You don’t view them, you contemplate them just as a Buddhist contemplates the reality around him without trying to fix or change it. Messages on Snapchat are videos, photos, and text. The emphasis, of course, is on video.

Photos and videos can be edited in all kinds of ways, and they can only be vertical. The sent content doesn’t clog the memory of the phone, isn’t stored without your knowledge, and doesn’t remain in the recipient’s phone. Communication on Snapchat can be one-on-one or broadcast to all subscribers. There are no likes (none at all), no number of followers, and no comments. It’s a messenger first and foremost.

Snapchat has the most illogical interface you’ve ever seen. It’s completely different, and almost no previous experience with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. will help you. But users find Snapchat’s interface to be the most user-friendly and enjoyable. Once you understand, accept and love this app, you’ll think the same.

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What is a Snapchat streak

Snapchat is focused on innovation. Its creators not only invented disappearing messages, stories, and experiments with augmented reality, microgames, and other technologies. But the focus of this app is on “friendships.” That’s why there are so many kids and teens here. Here are some of the features that literally “tie” children to it.

Points and badges. No one gives you points for messaging your friends on Telegram, right? Snapchat does. If you maintain correspondence for three consecutive days or more without interruption (Snapstreak), you get a special friendship “achiever” and extra points to your Snapchat status. These points look like the emojis next to your correspondence and can change their appearance depending on the level of your “digital friendship”.

There are also interactives like Cameo. These are short gifs in which your face is framed. There are two-person gifs where you and your “pen pal” are dancing or riding a motorcycle. or like a mini-game. You can draw a picture and have your friend guess what it is. Such a message engages the recipient in this game. There are games where you can compete in shooting AR objects and share the result in correspondence, too.

What to do in case you lose your Snapchat streak

So, you have started your Snapstreak and plan to keep it to a certain level (emoji). And although the app always warns participants in advance that it’s time to send the next message with a photo or video, and here it’s necessary to be attentive and don’t forget about the game, otherwise everything will be in vain and you’ll have to start the game from the beginning. Although there are situations when the app fails and something could bug so your progress is suddenly lost. In this case, you should:

  • Open Snapchat and sign in to your account.
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Towards the bottom, go to the “Support” section.
  • Tap “I Need Help,” then “Snapstreaks.”
  • From the “What if my Snapstreak has gone?” option, choose “Let us know.”
  • Select “My Snapstreaks disappeared.”
  • Fill in the form; include as much information as possible.
  • Hit “Send” to submit your form.

As you can see, it all depends on whether or not you get a response from support and whether or not they can solve the case in your favor, so it’s 50/50 if the problem is on Snapchat’s side. If you yourself have forgotten about Snapstreak and didn’t comply with the rules of the game, then you have to start all over again, and returning the progress isn’t possible.

Are there any tips to keep your Snapchat streak

Once you have set up a Snapstreak with a friend or acquaintance, all you have to do is send at least one Snap to your friend, and get one every 24 hours in return. This is the most important rule of Snapstreak keeping. No text chat, sharing Stories, or Memories will affect the upkeep of your game. That is, only if you send a photo to a friend individually or send a video to a friend individually will help you achieve the desired result.

Still, how can you support Snapstreak with just photos/videos? How to find ideas for interesting photos, and whether your companion won’t get tired of the boring and monotonous activity? The fact is that this game is taken by those who aren’t interested in the fact of photos, but in the support of Snapstreak, that is, “digital friendship” in other words. This is best for those who want to train themselves to be systematic or challenge themselves.

So you can send photos with everything you can get your hands on, or send pictures that you can do in the photo editor, use gifs and different compositions to set the mood of your buddy. Also, try to tell the story of your day in little drawings and thus intrigue your friend for further correspondence. The point is that you must proceed from the tools that Snapchat gives you when you post photos and videos, and that’s where you can be creative. Don’t worry if one day you have no ideas – just send a blank photo with a sincere “no ideas” or “there must be a streak here”.

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What about Snapchat’s privacy

Self-destruct mechanisms have been one of the design solutions responding to the demands of society in recent years: the need for privacy, the need for control over the content, and anonymity. Services that can delete messages immediately or after some time after reading have been around for quite some time. This mechanism was widely used in the popular Snapchat app, which appeared in 2011 – and from there self-destructing posts penetrated Instagram.

The service’s developers claim that the content of the messages is deleted both on the recipient’s device and on the sender’s device, as well as on system servers. Encryption prevents attackers from copying the message while it is being passed from sender to recipient. The system regularly asks recipients to confirm their identity with a password or otherwise before they can view messages.

In addition, some apps use a ban on screenshots. And before 2015, Snapchat users had to hold their finger on the screen while viewing a message to prevent them from taking screenshots. However, the social network later abandoned this feature. However, no matter how reliable the technology is, any recipient of a disappearing message or file can take a picture of it using a third-party camera. In addition, it is worth keeping in mind that law enforcement agencies often informally oblige a service provider to record and store certain messages as part of an investigation.

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