Any Smart TV comes preloaded with apps that make using your Samsung Smart TV convenient. However, a Smart TV is not just a TV, but also a device with additional features. Therefore, sometimes you may wish to install additional, third-party apps, and, most importantly, that you can do so.

What are third-party apps?

All apps on Samsung TV can be divided into two categories. The first apps are designed and approved by Samsung. Third-party apps are apps that you can install on your Samsung TV but that were not developed or approved by Samsung TV, but they can still be installed on Tizen OS TVs.

How to allow third-party apps installation on Samsung Smart TV?

Before you can install third-party apps on your Samsung Smart TV you must allow them to be installed. To do this, do the following:

  1. Open Settings menu
  2. Choose the Personal tab
  3. Open Security submenu
  4. Find Unknown Sources line and set it to Enabled

Now, you need to activate Developer Mode on your Samsung Smart TV.

To do this, you need do the following:

  1. Go to the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu
  2. Open the Smart Hub
  3. Choose Apps
  4. Enter your Samsung Smart TV PIN
  5. If you haven’t changed the PIN, input 00000 or 12345
  6. Change Developer Mode to ON
  7. Fill your computer’s IP address and choose OK
  8. Restart your Samsung Smart TV

How to install third-party apps on your Samsung Smart TV

Now everything is ready and all you have to do is install third-party apps. There are three different ways and you can use the one you like best, they’re equal.

My favorite way to install third-party apps is using apk file. To use this method, you just need to do the following:

  • Open the browser on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Search for website with apk file of the app you want to install (use only trustworthy websites!)
  • Click on download link
  • Choose downloaded file
  • Click on install
  • Confirm installation
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

However, it can be inconvenient to install third-party apps using apk files, as many are not comfortable using the browser on the Samsung Smart TV. In this case, you should better use the flash or USB drive method.

In this case, you need to download the apk file through your computer and download it to a flash or USB drive. This is more convenient because you will be using the browser on your computer.

  • Use your computer’s browser to find apk file on a trustworthy website
  • Download apk file to your computer
  • Save apk file on your flash or USB drive
  • Insert flash or USB drive to your TV
  • Open files and folders
  • Choose the apk file
  • Click install
  • Confirm installation
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

However, sometimes it happens that you don’t have a flash drive or USB drive nearby, but you still don’t want to use the Samsung Smart TV browser.

In this case, you can use the Command Prompt on a PC. To use this method, you should do the following:

  • Download apk file to your computer
  • Go to your TV and open the Settings menu on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Choose the Network option
  • Click on the Information
  • You will see the IP address section. You should copy or remember your Smart TV’s IP address
  • Now, go to your computer
  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Type adb connect and your TV’s IP address
  • Type install D/and your apk file name (with .apk in the end)
  • After the app was installed, type adb disconnect and your TV’s IP address in order to disconnect your Samsung Smart TV from your computer

I recommend using the first method, as it is the easiest and most straightforward. And I don’t recommend the third method, as it is the most strenuous for non-advanced users.

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