How to watch Tokyo Ghoul in the right order
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Tokyo Ghoul has become a true anime classic, with more and more people becoming fans every year. The action takes place in a world where humans coexist with ghouls, carnivorous creatures that look just like ordinary humans. The protagonist, Ken Kaneki, is an ordinary student who almost dies after being attacked by his girlfriend. Kaneki is taken to the hospital and receives a ghoul organ transplant during surgery.

Kaneki must face a new, harsh reality and adapt – if he wants to survive, he must deal with humans as well as ghouls and, most importantly, decide his inner conflict – remain human or become a ghoul? If you don’t want to miss anything when watching it, here’s the order in which you should watch Tokyo Goole.

What is Tokyo Ghoul?

The manga Tokyo Ghoul has become hugely popular around the world. The story of ghouls, creatures capable of eating only human flesh and trying to survive in the human world, has captured the soul of millions of readers. Perhaps a little too much so in some places. With the release of Episode 179 of Tokyo Ghoul: Reborn, the seven-year-long tale of conflict between humans and ghouls comes to an end.

Sui Ishida has been very fortunate when comparing his career to that of another mangaka. He started with a couple of simple webcomics. The first serious “one-shot” of the author was published in Miracle Jump magazine in the spring of 2011, and in September the first chapter of a full-fledged series based on it was already released. We’re talking, of course, about “Tokyo Ghoul”.

The plot of the manga revolves around Kaneki Ken’s boyfriend, deceived and almost eaten by the ghoul girl Rize, with whom he decided to go on a date. But in an unfortunate accident, both find themselves pelted with steel beams, some of which pierce their bodies through. To save Kaneki, Dr. Kano, who will play an important role in the plot in the future, transplants part of Rize’s organs into him. As a result, he gains some of the ghoul’s traits: enhanced regeneration and physical abilities, a distinctive black eye with a red iris, and intolerance to human food.

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1 Season: Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo is hit by a wave of gruesome murders. In the absence of evidence, it’s very difficult to find the culprit. Residents of the city believe that it is all the work of bloodthirsty monsters that eat people. No one can say for sure what they are. Kaneki and Hide students believe that the villains can take the form of their victims, which makes them elusive.

Kaneki Ken is a university student who, as a result of a ghoul attack, finds himself in a hospital where he is illegally transplanted with ghoul organs to experiment to create an artificial ghoul. To survive, the ghouls need to feed on human flesh, so they kill people or find the bodies of suicides.

Because of this organ transplant, Kaneki becomes only half-ghoul, but he needs to eat human flesh just like everyone else. Kaneki strives to maintain his humanity by trying to maintain his connection to the human world by infiltrating the ghoul community.

2 Season: Tokyo Ghoul √A

Tokyo Ghoul √A is the second season of Pierrot Studio’s anime adaptation of the manga, which has an alternate plot that goes against the manga. The plot begins after the battle between Kaneki and Yamori. The senior CCG investigators continue their battle with the One-Eyed Owl, but lose and retreat.

At this time, Kaneki saves Toku from Ayato and gets into a fight with him. The battle is interrupted by Noro, taking Ayato away. Aogiri’s headquarters begins to collapse. After getting out of there, Kaneki tells Toku that he is leaving Anteiku and going to Aogiri.

Next comes a series of several secondary stories:

  • Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (1 episode)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (1 episode)

The first story is about a hunter like Kanom. The action tells only the beginning of the career of a hunter named Arima Kisho. The second story is another arc that reveals the details of the school life of the main character’s best friend. Shu Tsukiyama meets the heroine, who later becomes one of the main characters.

3 Season: Tokyo Ghoul: Reborn

This part recounts the events that take place two years after the end of the second part. The protagonist is reborn, and Sasaki’s new personality goes through all the stages of formation. At the same time, new types of investigator-hunters appear. These people are implanted with special chips that protect them from the creatures.

The third season of the anime adaptation of the manga by Pierrot Studios. The action takes place several years after the end of Tokyo Ghoul. After CCG invades the Anteiku Cafe, Kaneki Kan is missing. The CCG creates a new squad of Quinks, people who have had Quinky’s goo implanted in their bodies, allowing them to acquire the abilities of the ghoul. The manga’s protagonist, Heise Sasaki, is the mentor of this squad and a part-time investigator who captures or destroys ghouls along with his assistants Mutsuki Toru, Uri Kuki, Shirazu Ginshi, and Yonebayashi Saiko.

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What can be said about the music in Tokyo Ghoul?

The pleasant symphonic and meditative electronic compositions perfectly fit the atmosphere of Tokyo Ghoul. The beautiful, melodic background music, coupled with the competent visuals, made the story the way it should be – tense and intriguing.

However, Yutaka Yamada, who, by the way, was also the composer in the previous seasons of Ghoul, worked his fair share of the composer’s bread. Someone should learn from him. Cö shu Nie’s asphyxia opener was done in the tradition of the famous first season opener – a muffled lead singer’s voice and a melodic but torn melody. I’ve never been a fan of this rendition, but I have to admit it sounds fresh and better than the standard modern openings. The HALF ending by Ziyoou-vachi isn’t bad, but no more.

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