What do the model numbers of LG monitors mean?

LG produces monitors of various modifications. The model of the monitor is produced for several years, so the model number does not mention in which year the monitor model was developed. In the model number of the monitor minimum information about the monitor, only the basic parameters. The construction of the model number has not been changed recently, and the monitor model number now represents the next combination of characters.

Explanation of the value of the monitor model number LG 27QN600-B

  • 27 – monitor screen size diagonally in inches
  • Q – monitor resolution
    • G, Q – Quad HD QHD
    • U – Ultra HD UHD
    • B – more than Full HD
    • M – full HD
    • W – more than Quad HD QHD
  • N – series of monitors
  • 600 – monitor model number
  • B – monitor color
    In the beginning LG distinguished what type of monitor is ordinary or curved, but then this information was no longer reflected in the model number of the monitor.

How to know what year the monitor is made

It is impossible to know the year of manufacture of the monitor by the model number. You can find out the year of production from the sticker, which is usually glued on the back of the monitor.

Product code monitor LG

Yes, there may also be a question, there is a model number 24MD4KL-B, and there is a product code 24MD4KL-BJ.AUSKNSN.
The product code in the LG monitor is information about the base model number 24MD4KL, the color of the rear panel of the monitor B. And then the information about the monitor components is encrypted. As you understand LG orders the production of components from partners. So in the AUSKNSN number there is information about the type of the installed matrix and the manufacturer (LG puts screens of other manufacturers), the type of the main board and so on. This information is needed during service and repair of the monitor. It allows the engineer to use the necessary circuits and select the necessary spare parts for repair.

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