Sharp, once the top seller of LCD TVs in the early 2000s, found itself in serious trouble by the end of the decade, battling stiff competition from Korean giants LG and Samsung, as well as Chinese manufacturers such as Hisense and TCL . In 2012, after years of financial losses, Sharp took the plunge to sell its television business, officially ending it in 2014. However, the company’s problems did not end there; In 2016, Sharp was acquired by Taiwanese conglomerate Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., commonly known as Foxconn.

The acquisition marked a new era for Sharp TVs, which have been manufactured under license by various companies around the world since 2015. In the United States, from 2015 to 2018, Sharp TVs were manufactured by Hisense. In Europe, the brand was licensed to SKYTEC UMC Management in 2015, which then sold Sharp TVs with varying degrees of success until 2017, when Sharp reclaimed the brand and its operations. Meanwhile, in Asia, especially Japan, Singapore and China, Sharp continued local production until 2017.

This complex web of licensing agreements and partnerships means that Sharp TVs have been sold by different manufacturers for the last ten years, resulting in a variety of model number designations. These designations vary depending on the year of manufacture and the specific manufacturer.

Find your Sharp TV model and serial number

The most straightforward method to identify the model number of your Sharp TV is to locate the sticker on the back of the TV. This sticker is a treasure trove of information, typically including the model number and other crucial details about the TV. If you prefer to find TV information in the menu, the process may be more complex due to the array of manufacturers and operating systems available for Sharp TVs. However, when using the menu to search for this information, the model number is usually found in the menu interface’s About TV or Support sections.

Similar to the model number, you can find your Sharp TV’s serial number on a sticker on the back of the TV or in similar sections of the menu. However, it’s crucial to note that the serial number serves a different purpose. Unlike the model number, which provides valuable information to the consumer, manufacturers and service providers primarily use the serial number for identification and support purposes.

Sharp AQUOS TV Model Number explained

Following the complete restoration of TV brand rights, Sharp (under the leadership of Foxconn) has implemented a standardized TV model number designation system, albeit with some regional variations to accommodate local preferences. For example, in Japan, it is customary for the model number to consist of two parts, such as “4T-C65FL1”, while Europe has adopted a model number format such as “75FQ8EG”.

A vital aspect of this unified model numbering system is including a unique identifier denoting the year of the model’s first release. This identifier allows consumers and retailers to identify the year the TV was manufactured quickly. The relevant identifiers for recent years are as follows:

  • G stands for the year 2024
  • F – 2023
  • E – 2022
  • D – 2021
  • С – 2020
  • B – 2019
  • A – 2018

It is important to note that OEMs (Foxconn) usually start the next production cycle in the second half of the year. Consequently, TV models for 2024 may be on the market in late 2023. This practice explains why new TV models may be available earlier than the calendar year for which they are designed, so the appearance of a model with a “G” identifier at the end of 2023 should not be surprising.

Sharp TV Model Number Decoding 2018 – 2024 USA, Japan, Singapore

Let’s take a look at model 4T-C65FS1UR to see what useful information this model number contains.

  • 4T – TV screen resolution
    • 8T – 8K
    • 4T – 4K
    • 2T – Full HD
    • T – HD
  • C – type of device, in this case TV.
  • 65 – screen diagonal in inches
  • F – year of the TV model, for more information see the previous chapter.
  • S1 – TV model, in this case it is an OLED TV model.
  • U – type of digital tuner, in some countries it is not used, for example in Japan.
    • U – ATSC (USA)
    • E – DVB Europe
    • R – TV design.

Sharp TV model number 2018-2024, Europe

As of 2018, a new designation for the model number of your Sharp TV is used in Europe. The model code is unified and contains only basic information, in this number you can find out information about the screen size of the TV, the year of the TV and the model number. In the picture you can see the number structure in more detail.

Now I will explain how to understand the model number of a Sharp TV, such TV models you can find in stores in Europe. Let’s look at the model number 75EQ4EA.

  • 75 is the screen diagonal size in inches.
  • E – year of development
  • Q4 – model
  • E – DVB tuner
  • A – design

Sharp AQUOS TV old model

During a certain period, Sharp TVs were produced and distributed without the direct involvement of the original company, especially in regions such as the United States and Europe.

In the US, from 2015 to 2018, Hisense produced televisions under the Sharp brand. The model numbers of these TVs, although bearing the Sharp brand name, followed Hisense’s own numbering system. This resulted in model numbers that did not match the traditional Sharp model number structures known before and after this period.

Similarly, in Europe, the production of Sharp TVs was licensed to SKYTEC UMC Management. This arrangement further diversifies the Sharp TV lineup. SKYTEC UMC has implemented its model numbering scheme on Sharp TVs produced under license. As a result, European Sharp TVs from this era also have model numbers that differ significantly from those typically associated with Sharp’s own model numbers.

Sharp TV model number US 2016-2018 ( by Hisense) explained

Here’s how to decode the model number of Sharp TVs from this period.

  • LC – TV
  • 55 – size screen
  • N – year
    • Q – 2018
    • P – 2017
    • N – 2016
  • 7000 – series
  • U – country for sale TV

Sharp TV model number 2015-2018 decode Europe

From 2015 to 2018, TVs produced by UMC had their model numbers. The televisions were assembled from OEM components purchased from various companies, and most likely, the company purchased the complete development of television models, performing only minimal assembly at the factory; this minimized taxes. So, if you want to understand the model number of a Sharp TV in Europe, here is a picture and an explanation.

  • LC – TV
  • 55 – screen size
  • C – display type, not applicable in the model number as of 2017.
    • C – LED
    • S – 3D support,
    • X – screen with 4 RGBW colors (red, green, blue, white).
  • U – screen resolution, in this case UHD or 4K
    • U – UHD
    • F – Full HD
    • H – HD
  • G – the year of the model’s development,
    • I – 2018
    • G – 2016-2017
    • F – 2015-2016
    • E – 2014-2015
  • 8 – series
  • 46 – model in series
  • 2 – type of tuners in the TV set
    • 0 – DVB T/C
    • 1 – DVB T/T2/C
    • 2 – DVB T/T2/C/S/S2
  • K – the region the TV is released for, for example K – means the TV is released in Ireland or the UK, it has support for the Saorview Ireland broadcast service or support for the similar Freeview HD service for the UK.
  • S – TV color

Sharp TV model number before 2014 (made by Sharp)

Sharp had its own system for assigning model numbers to TV sets, this system was introduced in 2009 and its goal was to standardize TV model numbers in a consumer-friendly format. Let’s take the LC-60LE857E model number as an example

  • LC – code assigned by the manufacturer to indicate the belonging of the product to the class of TV sets.
  • 60 – screen size in inches LC-60
  • L – LCD screen
  • 8 – series LC-60LEE8*
  • 5 – year of development LC-60LE85** (2013)
  • 7 – Model
  • E – region for which the TV set is made in this case for Europe.

year development TV Sharp:   

  • 1 – 2009
  • 2 – 2010
  • 3 – 2011
  • 4 – 2012
  • 5 – 2013
  • 6 – 2014
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  1. Please help, I’ve been searching online for hours and am finding multiple different things and it’s all super confusing, I tried figuring it out but I feel like this tv is just different in itself.
    Model = LC-42D65UT
    S.N. = 906821839

  2. Good evening
    My Sharp (Aquos) model# LC-90LE745U
    serial #301812562
    Has stopped working.
    I was watching TV and is it flashed (an internal issue)and now it does not work.
    Tried different outlet -it’s completely dead.
    Any idea of what could had happen to it?

  3. Greetings! Can you tell me the difference between models “LC-15B4U-S” and “LC-15B4U-SM”
    i.e what does the “M” offer here?
    I’m researching this unit for buying and finding both models available … i.e. pictures of back of item on ebay listings confirm model numbers (some with M and some without) …
    I’m looking or best multi-signal version (svideo ntsc/pal) … both models appear to look the same and have the same features, but I don’t want to make a mistake. Any insight you can offer would be great.

    NOTE: Looking closer I can see that the SM version is “Assembled in Mexico” while the “S” version is “Made in Japan” – I suspect that’s the main difference … I suspect I just answered my own question ..

  4. Is my 10 year old Sharp AQUOS tv (LC60LE 65 OU)able to stream or cast from my I phone?

    • Even if this TV is Smart, it is outdated, most streaming services do not support such TVs.

    • I don’t know, but most likely some outdated version of Android TV. It’s not the original Sharp, outsourcing the brand.

  5. Can someone please help me. I have an older Sharp TV that I am trying to figure out what model it is. The Serial # is 50G182565H05572. I can’t find anything on that #. I now remember when I went to register it with Sharp that they struggled with the Serial # too. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • You won’t know anything from the serial number, you have to find the model number of the TV. As of 2014, it is no longer Sharp, only the name remains.

  6. 4T-C55CJ2X
    Which year of make is this?
    How to make this TV Bluetooth enabled?

    Can someone help me please?

    • 4T-C55CJ2X – model 2020-2021
      The TV does not have a Bluetooth module, Bluetooth is not supported

  7. tv 60in sharp lc 60n6200u, tv fell and screen damage done. 2016 8,2 tv was bought. my question where could i buy same make, and model or can my tv be repaired, and where in phx az if known.

    • TV Sharp LC-60N6200U-TV made by Chinese company Hisense, discontinued, obsolete model. It is easier to sell the TV as is for parts, it will cost 70-100 dollars. And buy a new TV. Repairing the TV will cost 30% more than buying a new TV. U.S. Tech Support, phone 1-888-935-8880, email

  8. Hello, I would be grateful if you could tell me the SH etc model number of the correct remote for my LC-39LE751K Sharp tv. I have tried different Aquos remotes and they either do nothing or very little (channel change or volume etc) I want to get a full featured remote like t he e original. Thank you

    • You have an original SHARP TV. Unfortunately, Sharp has discontinued production of televisions. You can only buy a replacement remote, try this model

  9. Hi,
    Can someone help me with the year of manufacture of Sharp TV model LC-40SA5100M.
    Thank you.

    • This 2019-2020 model is not an original Sharp model, this model is produced under license from Sharp for the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries in the region.

    • The TV is released in 2020. There must be updates, try updating through the TV menu. Since Sharp discontinued the TV in 2014. This TV model is being outsourced for assembly. It is very difficult to get support for these televisions.

  10. Would the SHWRMC0128 remote be a suitable one for my C55UK7352EB55U SHARP TV? Thanks again for your possible answer. Best, Nico

      • Hello, I would be grateful if you could tell me the SH etc model number of the correct remote for my LC-39LE751K Sharp tv. I have tried different Aquos remotes and they either do nothing or very little (channel change or volume etc) I want to get a full featured remote like t he e original. Thank you

  11. Hi, i have a TV SHARP C55UK7352EB55U (with remote QC PASS DH1910219621) – is it it same model as SHARP LC-55UI7352K for which i can fond a replacement remote? If not, how can i use the remote code to find a replacement? Many thanks in advance.

    IT’S MODEL IS LC-70LE650M.

  13. Hi Anatoliy Sheridan
    Thanks you so much for your reply.
    I want to get orginal remote controller for my LCD tv
    Can send me details such as correct remote model no and pictures.
    I am using LCD model no LC-50LE 460X
    2014 model ..
    Secondly. My tv power by LED or tube back light.?
    Thanks again.
    Gurmit singh

    • 65a6109uw is the main board number made by the Chinese company Hisense. It was used to manufacture Hisense and Sharp TVs. Hisense manufactured Sharp TVs under license from 2015-2019.

  14. Would you mind telling me what year my Sharp TV was manufactured and what the characters represent in the model # LC-46D65U please? Thanks, George H.

  15. I have a Sharp Aquos LC-55UB30U TV. It recently had an automatic software update and Miracast quit working. How can I get the previous or an older version of the software to load to it?

    • This Sharp is made by Hisense, the OS on the TV is Android, Miracast should work, first clear the memory cache and temporary files in the TV by unplugging it for 3 minutes. After that, try the settings again.

  16. Dear Anatoliy,

    I am considering 4T-C70AL1X.

    Can you help me confirm below ? if it is:
    1) Assembled In Japan?
    2) using Sharp made-in-Japan LCD production screen/panel?
    3) Which year was it manufactured?
    4) Whats does last character “X” stands for?
    5) Sufficient to handle current standards for sound and visual quality? 🙂

    • Some televisions are outsourced to the Taiwanese Hon Hai Group (Foxconn). Premium TVs, large high-end models are assembled at the in-house factory (Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture). Sharp makes LCD TV panels at its domestic factory (Sakai District, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Sakai Display Product Kokai). But this is only for Japan, Singapore.

  17. Dear Anatoliy! Would you be so kind to help with my Sharp TV model LC-37X20E. After reset I have red screen which says “industry init error (7213)”.

    • Sharp is blocking the power on in case of errors. You can try resetting it, but it is better to contact a service center.
      To reset, try the following.

      1. unplug the power cord by holding down the source button (AVTV) and the volume down button.
      2. Insert the plug into the outlet (without releasing the previously held buttons).
      3. When the screen appears, release the buttons.
      4. The letter K will appear on the screen. This is the factory debugging mode. In this mode, there are only two levels of volume increase and decrease: 15 and 30.
      5. Press and hold V – and CH. – at the same time. The English menu will appear.
      6. Use the arrow buttons on the TV remote control to switch to the second page of the menu.
      7. In the first column of the second page, press reset to the factory settings. Or in some models select “ERROR NO RESET” (error reset, number equal to the number of faults).Make the error reset.
      8. Disconnect the power plug after resetting.

      The TV should turn on.

    • I want my tv which i bought 2nd hand from my friend.
      Can I know what year is this model manufucture .
      LC-50LE460X and it’s full spec

      • This is a 2014 model, look up the specs online, technical support for the TV has been discontinued.

    • Hi
      Thanks for early reply and great to hear from an expert
      Following questions need info
      1)what is correct remote controller for
      LC-50LE 460X which manufactured on year 2014.Trying to get orginal model.
      2) On this year 2014 ,LC-50LE 460E under sharp or under Hisense ..
      It’s this manufacturer in japan or in Malaysia.
      3) can you send me user manual
      4)what is most common problem with this model and how to prevent it..
      Again thanks for your reply

      • LC-50LE460X remote sharp part code 9JRMYNEW00778
        Manufactured by Sharp
        which country it is assembled in, most likely Malaysia.

  18. What is the difference from a 50n7003u and a 50n7000u? I’m trying to get a replacement remote but I’m not exactly sure what model it is because it’s scratched off but it has only 1 button or toggle switch on bottom of tv and it is in a black casing

  19. Hi there,
    This is a very helpful webpage. Unfortunately online search didn’t help me answer my question: Is my LC-60P6070U an Aquos tv or not?
    Please help me understand.

    • This is a 2018 TV made by Hisense. The Aquos brand has also been licensed. Yes this Aquos TV.

      • Hi Anatoliy,
        I was asking in order to find out if Disney+ app will be available for download on the TV itself, but since I have Google Chrome Ultra I am casting from my phone. Therefore, I don’t need to install any apps on the TV.

        BTW Netflix app is struggling on LC-60P6070U. It closes unexpectedly and I have to login again. Youtube app is ok. But when watching for prolonged hours, it starts slowing down as if operating memory is overloaded. I have to turn it off and also unplug from the outlet for a minute or so. After “rebooting” Netflix requires login again.

        • Hello,
          Yes Disney + should be available. Unfortunately some Hisense TVs are a bit problematic.

  20. Hi,
    Could you please tell me the manufacturing year for a Sharp Aquos LC-42D43U ? Do you know if it will work with a digital antenna to receive a few local channels OTA? A relative of mine would like to buy this used model for $80 CAD and is wondering if it’s worth it. It seems to be in good condition & work well.

  21. Trying to figure out about our TV
    Model number LC-40-D68UT
    S/N 006838241. What year it was made and getting an owners manual, and what type of TV it is

  22. Trying to figure out about my TV.
    Model number LC-40D68UT
    S/N 006838241
    We bought it at Sears
    What type of TV and year it was made , trying to get an owners manual

  23. Hi … Planning to buy a Tv. Can U pls tell me about Sharp LED Tv model 4T-C60CK1X. The year & country of manufacturing and whether it was made by Sharp itself or some others.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about the sharp aquos model # LC-52D65U
    And its value

    • Salut, c’est une vieille télé de 2007. Le MAC ne peut être connecté que par câble, par exemple HDMI

  25. TAB
    I have an LC-60LE820UN can’t figure out the year.
    But moist importantly the power just cutoff in the middle of show. I have ensure good power to the outlet and that the remote works with the peripherals. Nothing.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance,


  26. Hi,

    I have Sharp TV model number 39LE350E with 4 HDMI ports. I would like to use an Amazon Firestick on it but I am not sure if the HDMI ports are compatible due its age.

    Is it possible please?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



  27. Wow, you have taken the time to answer so many people’s questions. What a blessing! Don’t know if you have time anymore to answer one more but my brother passed away last year 2020 and I had his Sharp TV that was bought in 2018. I was trying to use your decoding just to see but couldn’t find one with the L & B in it.. It’s LC-43LBU591 and another place says all that with a U at the end. Assuming it is a 2018 tv 43 inch, I believe it has Roku (even tho I do not know what that is right now). We haven’t set it up yet. He bought it from Best Buy, USA.

    • Model 2016
      Roku Yes
      Manufactured by Hisense


      For product inquiries or accessibility assistance, please contact us with the information below: product is manufactured for Best Buy China Ltd, as trustee for Best Buy China, and distributed andwarranted by Best Buy Purchasing, LLC(7601 Penn Avenue South, Richfield, Minnesota, U.S.A. 55423-3645) under brand license by SHARPCorporation.©2017 Best Buy China LTD. All rights reserved. SHARP is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation; used under license by Hisense International(Hong Kong) America Investment Co., Limited All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

  28. I’m having trouble decoding these
    1) LC-60LE745U
    s/n 203822972
    2) LC-70LE745U
    s/n 205821773
    3) LC-60LE745U
    s/n 202811558

  29. I have a model LC-20B2UA that my husband, now deceased, left me, but I can’t seem to figure out where the power cord plugs into this TV. I tried calling Sharp, and Hisence answered but one person hung up on me when I gave him the model #; the next one said she would transfer me, but sent me to a number that was no longer in service. So, I’m reaching out for help here. Thank you.

    • Your TV has an external power supply (AC adapter) that connects to the TV with a DC 13V round connector. Look for the power supply, a small rectangular black box. Or you can buy a new adapter

  30. I have a Sharp TV model #LC-80LE650U. Can someone decipher the code for me? I also have the serial # if needed. Trying to decide on using it or selling it. Is it a good TV? It was given to me at no cost

    • This is a 2013 model of TV. Manufactured by Sharp, the TV has an LED screen made by Sharp, Full HD screen resolution, frame rate 120 per second.
      It’s not a bad TV, but a little outdated by today’s standards

    • Produced SKYTEC UMC Management s. r. o.
      but there is no such model on the official website.
      Cheap Chinese product, made in China OMD manufacturers.
      Brief description, the TV is very bad.
      2019 – year

  31. We were given a LC-32GD4UM
    Need to know if it has HTMI capability?
    We don’t have cable can a dvd/blue ray be hooked up?
    Is it WiFi accessible?
    What year is it?

    • AV in, COMPONENT in
      AV in, COMPONENT in
      S-VIDEO in, AV in
      HDMI in (Type-A) with HDCP
      Audio in, DVI-I in with HDCP
      2004 – year

  32. Curious what year this one is: Sharp C-3704S

    It’s an old TV. I just replaced it with something modern ;).

  33. My tv has all components from a sharp LC-60E69U, but it is a Starvision LTV6009B. All I require are the CCFL back lights or the LED upgraded lights.
    Please help

    • If your TV is assembled after 2016, it is Hisense. It is not possible to know anything by the serial number.Tell us the model number of your TV.

    • this is a TV model modification LC-70LE640U
      LC–code assigned by the manufacturer to indicate that the product belongs to the class televisions.
      70–screen size inches
      C–LCD screen illumination with lamps, not LEDs
      4–year development 2012
      00 – model
      U – North America

  34. How I am trying to find out the manufacturer day of my TV

    I’ve got a serial number
    And a model number Can anybody help
    Serial number
    k 208033741

    Model number

    • Sharp TVs are made by different companies. In Japan, TVs are manufactured by Sharp. In the USA, Canada, Mexico, Hisense was produced until 2019. Since 2019, the brand has returned to Sharp, but television production has not begun. Europe to from 2012 to 2017 UMC (Universal Media Corporation) order TVs in China. Since 2017, UMC has been a joint venture with Sharp.
      Therefore, it is very difficult to determine something by the model number.

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