Who owns the Sharp TV brand

Sharp trademark is owned by Sharp Corporation of Japan. Sharp is a multi-profile corporation operating in the segment of electronics, energy, visualization, etc.

Sharp TVs brand history

In 2014, against the backdrop of the global crisis in the production of televisions, many new companies appeared that offered a large number of televisions to customers, and competition increased significantly. Many global companies have decided to quit the TV business. Including Sharp decided to curtail its own production of televisions.

In 2015, Sharp curtailed the production of televisions. The Sharp brand of televisions has been licensed to third parties. In addition to Japan, China and Singapore, Sharp had a large television market in these countries, and Sharp continued to manufacture television sets for these markets.

Sharp brand in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America.

For the North American market, Sharp manufactured televisions in Mexico in its own factory. In 2015, an agreement was signed on the sale of the plant and the rights to the Sharp trademark for TV sets of the Chinese company Hisense. From 2016 to 2019, Sharp TVs for North America were produced by Hisense. In 2019, after lawsuits by Sharp against Hisense, an agreement was reached between the companies to terminate the license agreement and from 2019 Hisense ceased to manufacture TVs under the Sharp brand.

SHARP TV made Sharp
Sharp TV made Hisense

The reason for the return was claims from Sharp regarding the quality of Hisense TVs. Which ultimately negatively affected the image of Sharp.

Sharp planned to resume production of TVs for America in 2019. But this did not happen, most likely Sharp is considering various schemes to start the production of televisions on the terms of outsourcing.

How to distinguish Sharp TVs made by Hisense and made by Sharp

You can distinguish televisions by model numbers. Sharp used the name Sharp Aquos. Model numbers were designated LC-60LE857UN. Hisense began to produce televisions called Sharp Roku TV or just Sharp, model numbers LC-60H5000U, LC-60Q6000U. But in general, you need to understand if the TV was manufactured after 2015, this is Hisense product.

Sharp TV brand in Europe

In Europe, Sharp also curtailed production. The Sharp brand has been licensed by SKYTEC UMC Management s. r. o in which UMC (Universal Media Corporation) and Sharp became shareholders. Sharp has a majority stake and provides technical assistance in the development of televisions. The company continued to manufacture TVs under the Sharp Aquos brand. But televisions are made mid-range. Model numbers since 2015 LC-55CUG8462KS, I9362, 65BJ3E.

Where are Sharp TVs made for Europe?

Televisions for Western and Eastern Europe are assembled at a plant in Poland, the plant previously belonged to Sharp, was transferred to the management of SKYTEC UMC. For Russia and other countries, televisions are assembled at a factory in the Republic of Belarus at the Horizont factory.

Sharp TV made UMC Europe
Sharp TV made Belarus

Sharp TV brand Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore

Sharp produces televisions for these countries, stable sales markets have allowed the company to maintain production. Televisions are manufactured by Sharp, and televisions are equipped with screens manufactured by Sharp. TVs made for the markets of Japan, China differ from TVs for America and Europe, in quality and technical capabilities.

Macau and Hong Kong TVs sold by exclusive distributor S.A.S. Electric Co. Ltd.

Sharp TV Japan
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