The extensive article “Who Manufactures Insignia TVs” details Insignia TVs. However, for those who are intrigued by the nuances of model numbers and additional product specifics, more information is available. When you navigate to Best Buy’s website to check out the TV offerings, you’ll see both the model number and the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) associated with each product. It’s important to note that the SKU serves as an internal identifier used by Best Buy to manage inventory in its retail locations and warehouses. While the SKU has no practical value to consumers, it plays an important role for the company in ensuring accurate tracking and placement of products in its stores.

Insignia TV model number explanation

The year 2012 marked a significant evolution in TV model numbering systems. This shift was driven by the emergence of smart TVs and an industry-wide push for more standardized model identifiers. Previously, TV model numbers consisted of a combination of letters and numbers that were of minimal interest to the average consumer, primarily because TVs of the era were largely homogeneous, differing primarily in screen size and design aesthetics.

The advent of smart TV features and multiple screen resolutions necessitated a new approach to model numbering. This was done not only for the benefit of consumers, but more importantly to meet the needs of marketing teams. Updated model numbers began to include important information about TV features such as operating system and screen resolution.

For example, in 2018, Insignia TVs were available with two different operating systems, Roku TV and Fire TV. In 2024, the selection has been streamlined and is now offered exclusively with Fire TV. This evolution in model numbering allows for a clearer categorization of products, which makes it easier to track consumer preferences internally and helps customers identify the features of a particular model at a glance.

TV Insignia model number structure

The Insignia TV model number NS-39DF310NA21 is a structured alphanumeric code containing important information about the TV. This coding system is divided into segments containing specific product information. 

  • Product ID Block: NS. This prefix indicates a brand or product line, in this case, Insignia.
  • Specifications and Design: 39DF310, this sequence contains information about the features of the model or design series. 
  • Manufacturer ID: NA. This segment indicates which contractor made the TV. 
  • Model Year: 21; the last part of the model number indicates the year the model was manufactured or produced. “21” means this TV model is from the year 2021.

TV Insignia model number decode

Decoding the model number of your Insignia TV, for example, NS-39DF310NA21 can give you valuable information about its specifications and features. Here is a detailed explanation of how to interpret this model number:

  • NS: This prefix stands for the Insignia brand, indicating that the product belongs to the Insignia electronics line.
  • 39: The number following the brand prefix refers to the TV screen size in inches. In this case, the TV has a 39-inch display.
  • DF: The following two characters (or one character in models after 2021) indicate the TV’s screen resolution and operating system. Two characters were originally used, but after 2021, they were simplified to one letter due to advances in TV manufacturing and technical aspects and because OS manufacturers have stopped supporting screen resolutions below 4K.
    • D stands for screen resolution, where.
      • “D” HD screen,
      • “N” is Full HD, and
      • “NO” (for example – NS-43F301NA24 for UHD resolution) or just “N” (for resolutions less than UHD, such as NS-43N301NA24) in the model number.
    • F stands for operating system, where
    • “F” stands for Fire TV (Amazon’s OS licensed to other manufacturers)
    • “R” stands for Roku TV.
    • “None” denotes a TV without an intelligent operating system.
  • 310: This sequence is a model designation that indicates the specific features of the TV. The higher the model number, the more advanced features it includes.
  • NA: This code indicates the original manufacturer, the OEM of the TV.
  • 21: The last two digits indicate the year the TV model was developed, in this case, 2021. Insignia TVs are typically released in Q4, and the model number may indicate the upcoming year, a strategic marketing practice designed to signify the model’s newness. Subsequent years follow a similar pattern: the last two digits of the year indicate the model year, starting with “12” for 2012 and ending with “25” for 2025.

Understanding the model number structure of Insignia TV models, such as NS-39DF310NA21, allows consumers to understand which TV they buy.

How do I know what model my Insignia TV is?

There are three ways to find the model number and serial number of your Insignia TV. 

  1. Look at the TV: All televisions have a label on the back that lists the model and serial numbers. The model number is usually listed as “Model:” followed by a specific alphanumeric code (NS-39DF310NA21).
  2. Check the original box: If you still have the original packaging for your Insignia TV, you can find the model number on the box. It is usually printed along with other product information.
  3. Navigate your TV’s menu system: Press the Home button. Typically, the Device Information page is accessed through Settings > My Fire TV > About > Device Model; when you go to the Model Information page, you can see additional information, the serial number, and more. The amount of information available depends on your Fire TV version.
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