What is Door in Door

LG has issued a patent for InstaView ™ and Door-in-Door® used in LG refrigerators. Refrigerators are manufactured with Door-in-Door technology and InstaView Door-in-Door technology. The name Door-in-Door is more common, for technology in refrigerators, which includes both Door-in-Door and InstaView Door-in-Door® technology.

LG refrigerator type Door-in-Door

How to see the contents of the refrigerator without losing the cold? Thinking, manufacturers decided to use glass, the type of refrigerated display cases in stores, so Door-in-Door® technology appeared. In refrigerators, the door to the refrigerator compartment was made double. Glass and ordinary. Opening the door, the light comes on in the refrigerator and behind the glass you can see the contents of the refrigerator. There are several design options; additional shelves can be placed on the door or the door can be without shelves. And it should be noted that Door-in-Door® technologies are used in large refrigerators with more than two doors.

LG refrigerator type InstaView Door-in-Door

What is InstaView Door-in-Door – Then they began to think, and how can you see that in the refrigerator but without opening the door, you can of course make a glass door, but many people don’t like to constantly look at the contents of the refrigerator, so InstaView ™ Door-in-Door®
®. A special glass is inserted into the door of the refrigerator. Due to the special composition, it is energy-saving and has a polarization function. A sensor is installed in the refrigerator, having twice tapped the glass in the refrigerator, the light is turned on and you can see the contents of the refrigerator through the glass. In the inactive state through the glass can not see what is inside the refrigerator.


Of course, they also exist, but they don’t like to talk about them, the disadvantages are the following

  • Through the glass you will not see the contents of the entire refrigerator, as it is installed only in one door, an ice dispenser is installed in the second one or shelves for food storage are placed.
  • reducing the amount of storage space for food on the shelves of the refrigerator door.
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