What are the compressors in refrigerators

Now in refrigerators put 3 types of compressors.

  1. Standard compressors, rotary compressors
  2. Inverter compressors
  3. Linear Compressor

How the refrigerator works

The principle is based on the compression of gases, when gah shrinks, it releases heat, while expanding, it absorbs heat from the environment. The refrigerator works in the same way. Refrigerant is used as gas that circulates in the refrigerator.

The compressor compresses the refrigerant, it emits heat and passes through the cooling radiator in a liquid form, giving off heat to the environment, entering the expansion radiator (evaporator) which is in the inside of the refrigerator, it expands to take the heat inside the refrigerator and, once again, it gets into the compressor squeezes. And there are about 50 million such cycles per year. The most simple operation of the refrigerator is shown below.

How does a refrigerator work? on the picture

Standard compressor (rotary compressors)

Invented the compressor for the refrigerator in the 1930s. As a rule, piston compressors are installed in domestic refrigerators. A standard compressor turns on when the temperature in the refrigerator rises. Lowering the temperature, it turns off, waiting for the next cycle. Standard compressors during their production have been improved and with high-quality manufacturing their service life is 20-30 years. In the compressor there are no elements that can break.

What is Inverter compressors, digital inverter compressor

They are also called digital inverter compressors (but this is just advertising since all inverter compressors use a control system built on modern microprocessors). This is an ordinary compressor, but it has added a system for controlling the speed of the compressor.

Advantages of inverter compressors, increased reliability of the compressor. The compressor experiences the greatest load during the start (peak loads, a short-term increase in electricity consumption tenfold), since it needs to disperse the refrigerant through the system and enter the operation mode. The inverter compressor never turns off; it simply reduces the speed of rotation of the shaft, keeping the refrigerant circulating through the system. This results in energy savings. Service life is also 20-30 years.

What is Linear Compressor  inverter linear compressor

LG is especially advertised in its refrigerators. The principle of operation is also compression of the refrigerant, but the linear compressor is an electromagnet that attracts the plate to which the piston is fixed.

Advantages, as such, there are no advantages, although LG advertises that there is no friction point in a linear compressor. In linear compressors there is a disadvantage, the springs that move the piston, they can break. Also disadvantages include high criticality of the network voltage.

Standard rotary compressor vs inverter rotary compressor

Of course, it is much better to have a refrigerator with an inverter compressor. Thanks to the inverter, such refrigerators save up to 25% of electricity. Work a little quieter

Linear compressor vs rotary compressor

Which compressors are better, invertor rotary or linear compressors. It’s still difficult to say for sure, according to the service department, both types of compressors break almost the same way. Statements by manufacturers about the benefits of linear compressors are highly questionable. It seems to us more reliable even rotary compressors. Why so, for example, in industrial refrigeration units linear compressors are not used.

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