Dell monitor series comparison 2017-2018

Monitors Dell 2017-2018

BrendType monitorsLineReleaseSize screen inchesType screenAspect RatioPanel bit depthColor spacesync VideoPanel manufacturerRefresh Rate HZResolutionDisplay PortHDMIUSB/other
DellS2719HNUltrathin201827IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x2 (1.4)x
DellE2219HN201822IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%x?751920 x 1080x1 (1.4)x
DellS2719H201827IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x2 (1.4)x
DellS2419HN201824IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x2 (1.4)x
DellS2419H201824IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x2 (1.4)x
DellS2319HN201823IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x1 (1.4)D-sub
DellS2319H201823IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x1 (1.4)D-sub
DellS2719DMUltrathin201827IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?601920 x 1080x2 (2.0)x
DellS2419HMUltrathin201824IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?601920 x 1080x2 (2.0)x
DellP3418HW201734IPS21x98bitsRGB-99%x?762560 x 10801x(1.2) 1x(1.2)mini2x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)
DellAW3418HWAlienware201734IPS21x98bitsRGB-99%x?1602560 x 10801x(1.2)2x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)
DellAW3418DWAlienware201734AH-IPS21x98bitsRGB-99%G-SyncLG Display1203440 x 14401x(1.2)2x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)
DellP2018H201720TN16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%G-Sync?751600 x 9001x(1.2)2x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)/D-sub
DellU2718QUltraSharp201727IPS16x910bit (8bit+FRC)sRGB-99%xLG Display603840 x 21601x(1.2) 1x(1.2)mini1x(HDMI 2.0)5xUSB(3.0)
DellP2418D201724IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?762560 x 14401x(1.2)1x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)
DellU3818DWUltraSharp201738AH-IPS21x910bitsRGB-99%xLG Display603840 x16001x(1.2)2x(HDMI 2.0)5xUSB(3.0) 1xUSB(Type-C)
DellAW2518HFAlienware201725TN16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%xAU Optronics2401920 x 10801x(1.2)1x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)
DellAW2518HAlienware201725TN16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%G-SyncAU Optronics2401920 x 10801x(1.2)1x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0)
DellE2218HN201722TN16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%x?751920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 1.4)x
DellE2318H201723IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?751920 x 10801x(1.2)xx
DellE2318HN201723IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?751920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 1.4)x
DellE2418HN201724IPS16x98bitNTSC-72%x?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 1.4)
DellU2518DUltraSharp201725IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?762560 x14402x(1.2) 1x(1.2)mini1x(HDMI 2.0)5xUSB(3.0)
DellUP2718QUltraSharp201727IPS16x910bitRGB-100%x?753840 x 21601x(1.4) 1x(1.4)mini2x(HDMI 2.0)6xUSB(3.0)
DellUP3017QUltraSharp201730OLED16x910bitRGB-100%xLG Display603840 x 21601x(1.2)1x(HDMI 2.0)1xUSB(Type-C)
DellS2718D201727IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%x?752560 x1440x1x(HDMI 2.0)3xUSB(3.0)
DellS2718HN201727IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?751920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0) 1x(HDMI 1.4)x
DellS2418HN201724IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%x?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0)x
DellUP3218KUltraSharp201732IPS16x910bitRGB-100%x?607680 x 43202x(1.4)xx
DellS2718HX201727IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%AMD FreeSync?751920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0)D-sub
DellS2718H201727IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%AMD FreeSync?751920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0)D-sub
DellS2418HX201724IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%AMD FreeSync?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0)D-sub
DellS2318M201723IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%Flicker-free?761920 x 1080xxDVI-D D-sub
DellS2318HX201723IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%Flicker-free?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 1.4)D-sub
DellS2718NX201727IPS16x98bitsRGB-99%AMD FreeSync?751920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0)D-sub
DellS2818NX201728IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%Flicker-free?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 2.0)D-sub
DellS2318NX201723IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)sRGB-99%Flicker-free?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 1.4)D-sub
DellS2218M201722IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%Flicker-free?761920 x 1080xxDVI-D D-sub
DellS2218H201722IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%Flicker-free?761920 x 1080x1x(HDMI 1.4)D-sub
DellP2418HT201724IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%Flicker-free?761920 x 10801x(1.2)1x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0) d-sub
DellP2418HZ201724IPS16x98bit (6bit+FRC)NTSC-72%Flicker-free?761920 x 10801x(1.2)1x(HDMI 1.4)5xUSB(3.0) d-sub

Dell is one of the leaders in the production of computer equipment, the company’s lineup also has monitors.

In general, Dell produces monitors with a resolution of Full HD, but in the company’s line-up there are monitors and a large screen resolution. The company even had an attempt to release a monitor with an OLED screen, this monitor was widely advertised, but because of problems with the screen it never went on sale, one of the reasons that the producers called, the color reproduction of the screen did not match the claimed, but most likely the reason for burnout OLED screens, such a problem exists although it is not advertised by companies producing OLED screens.

Dell monitor 2018

The monitors of the S series are presented with different screen sizes, basic parameters: Full HD resolution screen, screen mats are made using IPS technology, 8bit color depth, but some models use screen flicker technology to achieve a large number of color shades.

Dell monitor 2017 

In 2017, mostly Full HD monitors were released, but there were also models with a higher resolution, but there are not many of them, about 10 models, yet Dell is targeting a segment of inexpensive monitors with good matrices. A short list of Dell monitors with a resolution of more than Full HD is lower.

P3418HW2560 x 1080
AW3418HW2560 x 1080
AW3418DW3440 x 1440
U2718Q3840 x 2160
P2418D2560 x 1440
U3818DW3840 x1600
U2518D2560 x1440
UP2718Q3840 x 2160
UP3017Q3840 x 2160
S2718D2560 x1440
UP3218K7680 x 4320

The ruler of monitors Dell presented in 2017-2018 years can be seen below in the table, as well as a comparison on the parameters you are interested in.

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