The Chinese company Xiaomi produces a variety of electronics, most users know mobile phones that have powerful processors have proven themselves as inexpensive high-quality smartphones.

But since 2014 the company has started experiments on the production of TV sets, TV models are not many, but it is most likely experiments to study the market. TV Xiaomi is a video panel or phone with truncated parameters but with a large screen.

The TV does not have a built-in digital tuner, only an analog one. This is most likely done specially, it’s easier to release a universal video panel, and as a digital tuner, use a separate SMART box, which is offered in many countries as a free addition to the TV.

Xiaomi TVs do not have widely advertised technologies like those of other manufacturers. These TVs can be described as TVs of the middle price segment.

TV line up Xiaomi 2017-2018

BrandModelYearScreenmatrix manufacturerSize screenSeriesRefresh Rate ГцScreen bitresolutionProcessorRAM GbCPU GhzTunerPorts
XiaomiMi TV4S 32"2018IPS?324S60?HD411.5Analog2xHDMI(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4C 50"2018VA?504C60?UHD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4S 55"2018IPS?554S60?UHD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 40"2018VA?404A60?Full HD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4C 43"2018VA?434C60?Full HD411.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4C 55"2018VA?554C60?UHD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 50"2018VA?504A6010bit (8bit+FRC)UHD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4 49"2017IPSLG Display49460?UHD421.8Analog2xHDMI(2.0) 1xUSB(2.0) 1xUSB(3.0)
XiaomiMi TV4 55"2017VASamsung55460?UHD421.8Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 1xUSB(2.0) 1xUSB(3.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 32"2017VA?324A60?HD411.5Analog2xHDMI(1.4) 1xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4 65"2017VASamsung65460?UHD431.8Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 1xUSB(2.0) 1xUSB(3.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 43"2017IPS, VALG Display AU Optronics434A60?Full HD421.5Analog3xHDMI(1.4) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 49"2017IPS, VASamsung LG Display CMOS494A60?Full HD421.5Analog3xHDMI(1.4) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 55"2017IPS, VASamsung LG Display CMOS554A60?UHD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
XiaomiMi TV4A 65"2017IPS, VASamsung LG Display654A60?UHD421.5Analog3xHDMI(2.0) 2xUSB(2.0)
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