A lot of people ask what brands of phones are American, Korean, Chinese. In fact, all the accessories for phones are made in several countries. The main phone manufacturer is Taiwan, China, Vietnam Indonesia. 90% of phones are made in China.

For example: American phone brandsApple, Motorola, BLU, CAT, Google, Kyocera, Razer, YEZ. Trademarks are registered in the United States, but telephone production is in Taiwan or China.

Where phones are made all brands of phones

  • Apple American company, headquartered in Cupertino California. Known as an iPhone maker. Although Apple does not have its own factories, all devices and accessories are ordered from third-party manufacturers. The main supplier of components and finished devices Taiwan company Foxconn. IPhone assembly plants are located in China and Taiwan. Apple is only developing new devices and technical support.
  • AGM – Chinese brand, phones manufactured in China by Shenzhen Xinhuatai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Archos – The French company owns the brand, phones are manufactured in China, Guangzhou SQ Trade Co., Ltd. takes part in the production. at least sells spare parts for phones.
  • Alcatel – originally a French company. The Alcatel brand was licensed to China-based TCL in 2005, and Alcatel stopped producing phones in 2005. In 2016, Alcatel was acquired by Nokia and now Nokia is the copyright holder of the Alcatel brand. The license for the production of phones under the Alcatel brand is valid for TCL until 2024.
  • Asus – Taiwanese company Asus manufactures various computer equipment, including telephones. Phones are given the trade name ZenFone and ROG Phone (Republic of Gamers). Phones are made in Taiwan.
  • BlackBerry – The Canadian company made phones by installing its own operating system on the phones. But could not compete with Android and iOS. in 2016, the company decided to stop its own production of phones. BlackBerry began to license its brand to third-party manufacturers. Since 2017, BlackBerry phones have been manufactured under license by TCL companies from China for the whole world. BB Merah Putih manufactures phones for Indonesia; Optiemus Infracom manufactures phones for India.
  • Blackview – Chinese manufacturer of telephones, telephones are manufactured by Doke Electronic Co., Ltd.
  • BLU – The American company BLU Products is a trademark of BLU Bold Like Us. He owns the BLU brand, sells not expensive phones, the main commodity circulation is focused on Latin American countries, and also sells his phones in the USA. Phones are made in China by OEM assemblers. BLU itself provides only technical support for phones sold.
  • CAT – Trademark owned by Caterpillar Inc. The trademark CAT is for phones only, licensed by Bullitt Mobile Ltd. This is a company from the UK, is engaged in the development of phones and sells under the brands CAT, Land Rover. Phones are made by OEM companies in China. The main feature is protected phones from external influences (shockproof, waterproof).
  • CUBOT – Phones are manufactured by Shenzhen Huafurui Technology Co., Ltd. Phones are made in China.
  • DOOGEE – Phones are manufactured by Shenzhen ZHOUJI HOMTOM Technology Co., Ltd. Homtom also owns the HOMTOM brand.
  • Easyfone -The Indian company mainly produces telephones for the domestic market. The main assortment of cheap phones are old forms of factors.
  • Google – smartphones from Google, the brand was created to popularize OS Android. Phones are manufactured by HTC under a contract with Google.
  • HOMTOM – Phones are manufactured by Shenzhen ZHOUJI HOMTOM Technology Co., Ltd. Homtom also owns the DOOGEE brand.
  • Honor – Honor phones are manufactured by Huawei, this is the second brand of the company. The brand was created as a separate line of smartphones to increase sales. Many buyers do not know that these are Huawei phones.
  • HTC – the brand belongs to Taiwan Corporation HTC Corporation. The company works closely with Google producing phones both under its own brand and Google.
  • Huawei – The Chinese company produces phones under the brand of Huawei and Honor. Recently, faced with sanctions by the US government. To overcome the negative impact of sanctions, company management announced the development of its own operating system for Garmony OS smartphones. But as practice shows in modern conditions, it is practically impossible to bring a new OS to the market. In 2018, negotiations were conducted with US mobile operators on the release of smartphones for specific operators, as Apple and Samsung and some other manufacturers sell phones in the USA. But no agreement was reached (US government ban).
  • Kyocera – American company, telephones are oriented to the Latin American market and the North American market. many models of obsolete form factors. Phones are made in China by OEM assemblers.
  • LEAGOO – the brand is owned by Shenzhen China-based OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. It produces phones in China.
  • LenovoLenovo Group Limited, a Chinese handset manufacturer, owns the Motorola brand. It produces phones under two Lenovo brands for China and the world, Motorola for America.
  • LG – The Korean corporation is one of the largest electronics manufacturers. It produces telephones at its plants in South Korea, China, Vietnam, Brazil, and India. According to the latest data, LG is considering closing production in South Korea and increasing handset production in Vietnam.
  • Meizu – Chinese company Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. One of the leaders in the manufacture of phones in China. Phones are distinguished by high quality and good technical parameters.
  • Motorola – The American company in 2011, the mobile division was separated into a separate company Motorola Mobility. Motorola Mobility in 2011 bought Google. In 2014, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Chinese Lenovo. Since 2015, Motorola phones have been manufactured and sold by Lenovo.
  • Net10 – this is not a brand of phones, just TracFone Wireless company sells phones of well-known manufacturers with predefined tariff plans for US mobile operators.
  • Nokia – legendary finnish brand of phones. Until 2010, Nokia captured about 40% of the phone market. But the decision to produce phones on Windows Mobile and the abandonment of Android in 2011 led to the collapse of the mobile division of the company. In 2013, Nokia sold its Microsoft handset business. Against the backdrop of failures with OS Windows Mobile, Microsoft executives decided to close the mobile unit purchased from Nokia, which was done in 2015. In 2016, the Finnish company HMD Global Oy bought the rights to manufacture Nokia phones. Nokia phones are now manufactured by Taiwan-based Foxconn (one of the largest OEM assemblers). HMD Global Oy licensed the brand from Nokia, paying royalties for patents.
  • OnePlus – Phones are manufactured by One Plus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Phones are made in China.
  • OPPO – Phones are manufactured by Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, a subsidiary of BBK Electronics. OPPO phones in China are among the best-selling phones.
  • OUKITEL – Phones are manufactured by Shenzhen Yunji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. of China .Ltd phones are assembled in China.
  • Razer – phones of the American company Razer Inc. Phones are assembled in China by OEM assemblers.
  • RCA – A brand of RCA, now owned by Technicolor, is licensed to third parties. So, wired phones under the RCA brand are manufactured by TELEFIELD ltd. The RCA brand for smartphones is licensed by Curtis International Ltd. A Canadian company sells electronics under various brands. Phones are made in China by OEM assemblers.
  • Samsung – leader in the design and manufacture of smartphones. Samsung mainly produces smartphones in Vietnam, India mainly for India, but some phones are exported to Africa and nearby countries. South Korea is mainly for the domestic market, Brazil is the production of phones for the Americas, Indonesia. In China, there used to be factories for assembling telephones, but in China, users switched to national brands; as a result, Samsung occupies only about 1% of the phone market in China.
  • Simple Mobile – this is not a brand of phones; phones are sold with a prepaid service of mobile operators.
  • Sony – The Japanese company produces phones, unfortunately, there has been a decrease in sales lately. Trying to improve the situation a bit Sony moved the production of China phones, significantly reducing production in other countries.
  • TracFone – it is not a brand of phones; TracFone sells phones with a pre-paid tariff plan for a mobile operator.
  • Ulefone – Chinese company Shenzhen ulefone Technology Co., Ltd. OEM phone collector, some phones are sold under their own brand.
  • UMIDIGI – The Chinese company Umidigi produces phones. Phones are collected in China.
  • USHINING – Chinese manufacturer of cheap phones, old forms of factors.
  • XGODY – A Chinese manufacturer of non-expensive phones manufactured in China.
  • Xiaomi – A Chinese electronics manufacturer, manufactures smartphones of various price categories, one of the leaders in sales of telephones in China. Phones are of high quality and pretty good technical parameters. Swiftly conquering the markets crowding out the leaders of the telephone industry from the markets. At the end of 2018, Xiaomi was the 4th company in the world in the number of phones produced.
  • YEZZ An American company that sells phones assembled in China by OEM assemblers, under its own brand.
  • ZQ – Chinese phones of unknown origin, sold via the Internet, there is no manufacturer’s website, as well as after-sales service
  • ZTE -A Chinese telecommunications company, one of the leaders in the manufacture of telephones in China. Phones are made in China.
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