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Mini, Micro and Nano SIM cards, usage, format change, lifetime.

You remember how SIM cards used to change: big standard SIM, smaller mini SIM, very small nano SIM, and now they use electronic eSIM...

What is an EID number in a phone?

We explain what an EID number is in a phone, tablet, laptop

Samsung Phone serial number lookup decode 2001-2025

You should know that Samsung phones have a commercial name, by which we are used to choosing a phone, for example, Galaxy S23...

What is a SEID number, phone and tablet iPhone

You can see the SEID number in new modern devices, phones, and tablets. Why is SEID needed, and what is this number? You can...

Tesla Phone, Tesla PI Phone, Tesla mobile Phone

The Internet is full of rumors about the possible start of the production of cell phones by Elon Musk under the Tesla brand. It...

Moisture detected in charging port fixed

Moisture in charging port problem fixed Moisture in the USB port: water has been detected in the USB charging port. This message appears on the...

iPhone model by year 2007-2022

I decided to collect detailed information about the iPhones released by Apple throughout history. The information will be gathered in several tables and you...

How to unlock an LG phone

Sometimes locking your phone can be a very unpleasant obstacle in many life situations. Particularly if there are nuances to unlocking a model.  There are...

Battery life of the phone

The phone's battery is an energy storage device. When the battery runs out of power, you can recharge it from an electrical outlet or...

Who manufactures processors for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple

Apple, an iPhone maker, is outsourced. Apple only develops processors. The processors use the ARM architecture. Physically, the processors are manufactured by the Taiwanese...