Moisture in charging port problem fixed

Moisture in the USB port: water has been detected in the USB charging port. This message appears on the Samsung phone screen when you try to charge the phone, or the message may even occur while the phone is working.

Check charger error
Check charger error

Unpleasant message and you’re sure the phone wasn’t wet, but why does the phone give this message? It’s elementary; the phone has built-in circuitry that measures leakage currents between the USB port pins. And in 95 cases out of 100, this problem is easily solved within 5 minutes. Of course, if your phone isn’t wet, if it is, it should be adequately dried. This is to protect your phone from being damaged by a short circuit in the USB port.

Check the USB port; moisture detected, fix the problem.

So, to understand what the problem is, you need to determine when the message appears; here are possible options:

The message appears on a working phone; the USB charger is not connected; in this case, the problem is with the port in the phone.
The message appears when the charger is connected, the problem is with the contacts of the charger or the port in the phone (but this is less likely).

The message about moisture in the USB connector appears when the charger is connected.

In this case, you need to replace the cable from the charger; it is possible that the problem will disappear after replacing it. You can try connecting a similar cable from another device. Or even connect the phone to charge from the laptop’s USB port. The problem is solved if replacing the cable makes the message go away. But perhaps the issue remains, it is already clear that the port in the phone is to blame, and this problem occurs at the moment of connecting the charging cable; well, in this case, no luck, and let’s move on to the next solution.

The appearance of moisture messages on the phone at random

If this message appears, the control circuitry has responded to a current leak on the USB port. And if the phone hasn’t gotten wet, it means the port is dirty. When you talk on the phone, there is dust in the air, you exhale moist air, and human saliva also contains astringent substances. This mixture of dust and moisture from your body settles on the port parts, and the phone reports a problem. The problem is solvable at home, and now I will tell you what you can do to fix the problem.

Ways to repair the USB port.

If you are sure your phone is not wet, do the following. Take a hair dryer, turn it on and direct it to the port, 5-7 seconds is enough. Water will quickly evaporate if moisture is in the port under the influence of a solid warm air jet. Check it; if nothing has changed, we move on to another step. We are trying to pull the possible debris out of the port, take a regular enema, and pull the air out of the phone port several times, 5-10 times. If there is debris there, it may be removed from the port.

Cleaning USB port
Cleaning USB port

If the phone works, the message disappears, then we have solved the problem with the phone; if the message remains, you need to apply more radical methods.
If the above simple operations phone doesn’t charge, there is probably contamination between the contacts. In this case, alcohol, ethyl, or isopropyl alcohol will help us. The main thing is that it should be at least 90 degrees. Do not use alcohol with high water content and solvents, as they can have a destructive effect on the USB connector.
You need to make a thin stick with absorbent cotton. Since the connector is tiny, we take a toothpick. With a sharp knife, make minor cuts.

Preparing a tool for cleaning the USB port
Preparing a tool for cleaning the USB port

And wrap a thin layer of absorbent cotton around it. The notches on the toothpick are needed so that the absorbent cotton will not slip and will not stay in the USB port.

Preparing the USB port cleaning tool second step
Preparing the USB port cleaning tool second step

Dip the prepared tool in alcohol and gently clean the port. Cleaning should be done with the phone turned off. If you see that the absorbent cotton is dirty, replace it.

USB port cleaning tool, after cleaning
USB port cleaning tool, after cleaning

After cleaning, dry the port, wait 5 minutes or use a hair dryer.
Turn the phone on; charging has started; congratulations on repairing the phone yourself. If nothing helps, the phone must be repaired in a service center; perhaps the moisture control circuit is faulty. But in most cases, this solves the problem of moisture in the USB connector of the phone.

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