Your phone may have a MEID. Which means having a MEID number.

MEID number in the phone, which means MEID

MEID is the identifier of a radio module that operates on a CDMA network. “Mobile equipment identifier” – identifier of mobile equipment, abbreviated MEID. Since most of these devices are telephones, it is customary to call the MEID number the telephone identification number for CDMA networks.

For the convenience of users, if the phone supports CDMA networks, the MEID number is displayed in the IMEI information section. Information can be called up in the standard way *#06#. In response, you can see information about the numbers of the radio modules in the phone.

What does the MEID number in the phone mean, for example, MEID 99001092003340

MEID number consists of 14 characters. Sometimes the 15 character is a checksum, but officially the checksum is not part of the MEID number. Note that the MEID consists of 16 (hexadecimal characters). This means that the numbers from 1-10 and the letters A, B, C, D, E, F are used as symbols. For example, the MEID number can be 9900109200A3EF.

Note: to unify MEID and IMEI numbers in devices that can work in both GSM and CDMA networks. There is a practice of assigning the same numbers for the GSM module and CDMA, in this case the number is IMEI / MEID.

But not all device manufacturers do this; moreover, if one number is assigned for GSM and CDMA, then the number cannot be composed of letters. IMEI / MEID incorporates only numbers.

99 is the registrar code that enters the radio module number into the registry. From the beginning, it was decided that for devices that can operate in two bands, issue MEID numbers starting with 99. But later, other registrars were given the right to assign MEID numbers using their codes, registrar identification.

001092 – a code that indicates the model number of the device in which the CDMA radio module is installed, and of course, from the number you can understand who the phone manufacturer is. Information is available for verification through specialized services.

003340 – The serial number of the CDMA radio module installed in the device, such as a telephone.

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