You should know that Samsung phones have a commercial name, by which we are used to choosing a phone, for example, Galaxy S23 or Galaxy Fold5, and there is also a model number, which ordinary buyers rarely use. And then there’s the serial number. 

Phone name: the name of the phone is easy to remember and is suitable for advertising campaigns, but a generic name that does not specify nuances, such as the amount of built-in memory. 

Model number: This can be used to identify a batch of phones; the model number is assigned according to the phone’s specifications and the region or country for which it was manufactured. 

Serial Number: This unique number is assigned to each device, which I will discuss in this article. From the serial number, you can find out the production date of the phone.

Samsung serial number and model number lookup

Once you have purchased your phone, you can register it on the Samsung website. You will need your serial number to do this. You may need the serial number a second time to repair your phone or buy a second-hand one. After all, it’s good to know that the phone has been used for a year or three. You can find the Samsung serial number in three places:

  • On the box: A sticker with the phone’s information is attached to the box in which the phone was packaged at the factory. If the phone were manufactured for sale through a service provider, for example, in the USA, the serial number would not be printed on the box. In this case, the phone is identified by its IMEI. The phone is delivered to the service provider with a specific IMEI.
  • Menu: In the phone menu, you can see information about your phone. To see this information, follow the steps below:
  • Unlock the phone
    • Slide your finger across the screen to open quick settings.
    • A gear appears on the right side; tap it to open settings.
    • Scroll down to the very bottom; there is a line about the phone; tap on it, and you will see the phone’s serial and model numbers.
  • On the back of the phone: There is another place where you can see the serial number of your Samsung phone; it is on the back of the phone. But if you have poor eyesight, you won’t be able to see anything: it’s in small letters. You’ll have to use a magnifying glass or take a picture of the phone and then look at the description in the enlarged image. Not all phone models have the serial number printed on the back cover.

What does the Samsung phone serial number mean?

Your Samsung phone serial number is unique, abbreviated as S/N. The phone serial number consists of 11 digits. The serial number tells you what type of device it is (mobile, portable, TV, home appliance), in which factory it was assembled, and the date of manufacture to the nearest month. Of course, the most sought-after and valuable information is the date of production of the phone; on some boxes, you can find the date of assembly, but if the original box is not preserved, the serial number is the easiest way to check the production date. The picture below shows how to do this.

In the figure, you can see what kind of information you can get from the serial number of a Samsung phone; for my example, I looked at the Samsung Galaxy S10 serial number R58M315CL4T here’s how you can decode the serial number.

  • R – is the R product code that Samsung assigns to phones and tablets. The first character makes it easy to identify which device family the serial number belongs to.
  • 58 – is the factory and assembly plant code where the device is assembled.
    • 5C – Vietnam
    • 58 – Vietnam
    • 3C – Korea
    • 37 – Korea

How to find out the production date of your Samsung phone

The fourth and fifth characters in the serial number of your Samsung phone are the date of assembly. Samsung determines the production date of the phone to the nearest month. Further in this article, I have prepared a table where you can easily find the production date of the device by these two characters.

  • M is the production year code; in this case, M tells us that the phone was produced in 2019.
    • Z – 2010
    • B – 2011
    • С – 2012
    • D – 2013
    • F – 2014
    • G – 2015
    • H – 2016
    • J – 2017
    • K – 2018
    • M – 2019
    • N – 2020
    • R – 2021
    • T – 2022
    • W – 2023
    • X – 2024
    • Y – 2025
  • 3 – is the month of the year in which the device was assembled. Thus, you can determine from this serial number that the phone was manufactured in March 2019. There are 12 months, so the numbers from 1 to 9 and the letters A, B, C are used.
  • 15CL4T – serial number of the phone itself, Samsung assigns a serial number. By it, you can determine the technical parameters of the device, the color of the case, etc., as well as the number of the device on the account assembled on the assembly line. More detailed information is available to service centers to check devices and collect quality complaints.

As you realize, the most interesting information is the release date of the phone.

Samsung Phone Production Date Table

You can easily find the production date of your Samsung phone in the table. Samsung started using the production date in serial numbers in its products in 1990. Naturally, the symbols are repeated over such a long period. The year is indicated only by a letter, and numbers and letters indicate the month of production.
As you can understand, in 1990, cell phones were just being developed. But I decided to show the whole table; by it, you can also determine the release date of other Samsung products.

Samsung phone manufacturing date code

year / monthJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJunejulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember
code; year / month123456789ABC
1990MM 1M 2M 3M 4M5M6M7M8M9MAMBMC
1991A A 1A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 AA AB AC

Samsung serial number check your Samsung phone

To check the serial number, you can decipher it yourself and look at the date of manufacture. You can also check it on the Samsung website to try to register your device. This checks whether the phone’s serial number is in Samsung’s database. To register your phone in the US, you will need its IMEI; registration is only available for devices manufactured in the US. However, you can enter the device’s serial number in other countries on the regional Samsung website.
To check the serial number or register your device on the Samsung website, you need to create an account on the Samsung website or log in if you are already registered. Go to and enter the serial number or IMEI; you will see the phone model.
For example, I took the Samsung phone serial number RZ8T10Q1XDZ and entered it when registering the phone; Samsung said that this serial number refers to the phone model SM-A525FZKDSEK; this implies that the phone model number is A52. Here’s how you can check your phone’s serial number.

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  1. Hello, Samsung has already announced what letter they will use to indicate the date of production in 2021?

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  2. How to get serial number from imei or we can make software for this which is do to imei convert to serial number?

  3. Thanks a lot for all the information, it is very useful. Do you know when Samsung updates its Production Date Table?, to know the 4th character of the serial number that will indicate that the device has been manufactured in 2021.

    • Samsung has not yet announced what letter will be used to indicate the date of production in 2021.

      • OK, it looks like we will have to wait. Thank you very much for your answer and all the information.


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