Modern phones have a slot for Sim card is not standard, and reduced size. The chip itself is a standard, different only plastic base on which the chip is bonded. There are some forms of Sim factors, micro sim, nano sim they all have the same chip card differs only in the size of the plastic on which the chip. The photo shows which slot is the size of the induced under the above sim card.

Type sim card

Now let’s see what kind of shape is the chip on the SIM card

As can be seen chips sim cards are a little different in form, but the chips have to meet the following conditions, one of the sectors of the SIM card should end up on contacts sim slot. The first map of the largest chip but as you can see some of the contact pads are not used. A third example has a shorter length, the fourth longer.

So our task when cutting to do so that would be after you install the card into the phone pad penetrated the necessary contacts slot.

SIM card sizes standard, micro sim

Now overlay on top of existing micro SIM card matrix.

Сut sim card to micro sim

Cutting should be as can be seen from the figure that now demonstrate. It is better to cut a sharp nail scissors are best suited for this purpose, sharp and carefully cut the plastic.

Small little bit clipped but try anyway.

Due to the little corner of the cut card a bit takes the place of the phone but normally it starts and determines the network.

Pruning is completed, the recommendation is still not advisable to cut on the pads, as is theoretically possible shorting contacts tiny sawdust foil layer.

Nano sim size and cut

Сut micro sim to nano sim, nano is sim has a size just on the chip is old SIM card should be cut on the foil, the size of nano sim imposed below, but the new sim card with a reduced chip type cut just on the size of the chip.


Sim cards of the nano standard are now the most popular. Almost all smartphones are designed for the installation of SIM cards such as nano. Of course, the most correct solution is to replace the old SIM card of another format with a new one. Like other technics, SIM cards are constantly updated, a new functional is added. But if for some reason to replace the SIM card is problematic, you can cut the SIM card of another standard to nano.

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