Of course, we hope that you will never face such a situation. But sometimes you can find a lot of comments about faulty TV screens. Let’s consider the most typical cases with screen problems.

There is a crack on the TV screen.

This malfunction is typical for manufacturers of cheap TVs. When there are cracks on the screen. Let’s not especially consider the situation when you dropped the TV yourself and the screen broke, it’s normal that the TV is not designed to fall and if the screen broke, it should have happened. But when you received a new TV, unpacked and saw the crack, or even it happens that the crack appears on the installed TV after a while. An even more paradoxical case, the crack appears after you lightly remove dust from the screen with a soft tissue.

This is definitely a poor-quality screen, produced with a cheaper technology. In this case, with the wrong production technology, for the production of the screen used materials with very high internal voltage, and since the screens, in its structure have a layer of special glass, this glass is not made properly. And for such a screen, enough the slightest impact, and from the internal tension, there was a split glass, it is enough even to apply a small force to a part of the screen, or temperature difference and it can lead to a crack. Unfortunately, this screen cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced, but you can buy the same screen and eventually just spend money. We recommend that you read the buyers’ feedback on the quality of their TVs before buying a TV.

There are stripes or spots on the TV screen.

If the TV screen is all in vertical stripes, it is a loss of screen synchronization. In 90% of cases, this malfunction is the result of poor contact between the main TV board and the display control board. Video and synchronization signals are transmitted through a cable that is connected to the connectors on the electrical boards. If during the installation of the TV, the connectors were not fixed enough, after a while the contact can get worse and instead of the image there will be stripes. It is not difficult to fix the TV set, press the connectors on the back of the TV set, if the bad contact on the main board, the image can be restored. But if a bad contact on the screen control board, it may not give any result. For proper repair, you need to disassemble the TV and check the fixation of the cable in the connectors, you can also wipe them with alcohol, which contains at least 96% alcohol.

If you have stripes in only one part of the screen, this is a more serious problem. It is necessary to check in one place of the screen stripes or they move, for example, when changing the size of the image. If they move, it means that the screen is fine and the image is broken at the software level. In this case it is necessary to disconnect the TV from the electrical network and switch it back on after 1-2 minutes. Rarely, but it helps.

And if the bands are always in one place, the screen or the screen control board is faulty. In this case, of course, you need a specialist who will test the screen control board. And if the electrical board is correct, a malfunction in the screen itself, there is nothing to do, you need to change the screen, it is easier to buy a new TV.

The stain on the TV screen is a loss of quality of the screen itself, it usually occurs in the screens that were made with the violation of the technological process or were stored for a long time in bad conditions, in high humidity. Also, such a malfunction occurs in cheap TV screens, when using the TV in high humidity or large temperature drops. TV screen can not tolerate moisture, more expensive screens are sealed and last longer, cheaper screens may not have moisture protection and after 2-3 years may lose picture quality.

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