LG refrigerator technology explanation

  • InstaView Door-in-Door – glass is installed in the refrigerator door, with vibration sensors. If you hit the glass twice in the refrigerator, the lighting will turn on and you can see what is in the refrigerator.
  • Door-in-Door – there are two doors in the refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator. We open the first door, behind it the second in which you can store the most frequently used products. It saves energy, as it keeps cold in the refrigerator. The refrigerator compartment opens less frequently. But in fact, the savings are not so big.
  • Counter-Depth – the depth of the refrigerator is usually reduced to about 25 inches or 60 cm. This solution is for the possibility of installing the refrigerator in the kitchen on the same line with the kitchen furniture. Design improvement.
  • Ice & Water Dispenser – An ice maker or water storage tank is installed in the refrigerator. It is possible to get a glass of cold water without opening the refrigerator. The disadvantages include the short life of such devices. Very often, ice makers stop working and require repair.
  • Door Cooling – an additional channel for supplying cold air was made near the door of the refrigerator, in ordinary refrigerators, cold air is supplied from the rear wall. According to the manufacturer, the products near the doors cool faster. But this is more of a marketing than an advantage.
  • Dual ace – an advanced ice maker is installed in the refrigerator. Ice can be traditionally served in cubes or crushed and served in crushed form.
  • Dual Ice with Craft Ice – the ice generator can additionally generate and dispense ice with round balls. Ice generator produces ice of three types of cubes, crushed, balls.
  • CustomChill Drawer – between the refrigerator and freezer an additional box is made in which you can set your own temperature. Separately, you can cool wine, snacks, etc.
  • SmartThinQ / wi-fi – a Wi-Fi module is installed in the refrigerator. You are connecting the refrigerator to the Internet. By installing the application on your smartphone, you can remotely monitor the status of the refrigerator.
  • ENERGYSTAR Qualified – Refrigerators are certified for energy efficiency. This means that household appliances consume less electricity than the established standard.
  • Sabbath Mode – Shabbat mode, support for Jewish holidays and Saturdays. When this mode is turned on, when the refrigerator doors are opened, the light does not turn on and the refrigerator compressor does not turn on. The refrigerator can be used observing Shabbat.
  • ADA Compliant – Refrigerators meet the requirements of Americans with Disabilities Act. American Disability Rights Act. Domestic refrigerators provide the opportunity for their use by people with disabilities. For example, the ability to open the refrigerator door in a wheelchair, to control a refrigerator for a person in a wheelchair, etc.
  •  Smart Diagnosis – the ability to diagnose the refrigerator using a smartphone with the installed program for diagnosing the refrigerator. A special program is launched on the smartphone that determines which refrigerator is on the same WiFi network with the smartphone and diagnoses the refrigerator. Based on the results of the diagnosis, the user will be given recommendations on further actions with the refrigerator.
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  1. I’m trying to figure my serial of my old LG refrigerator so I can submit it to make my claim for the non-cooling class settlement lawsuit. Please help me ASAP! Thank you!!

    Model of my old refrigerator is LSXS22423S


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