Power USB ports, maximum current USB ports

USB was invented to connect various devices to the computer and exchange information. Also, you can connect various devices, a computer mouse, keyboard, flash drives, hard drives to USB.

USB 2.0 0.5A explanation

  • USB – port type
  • 2.0 – USB port version, the most common USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, now a modification of USB 3.1
  • 0.5A – the maximum current that the USB port can give out.

What can be connected to a 0.5A USB port

You can connect low-power devices, computer mice, keyboards, flash drives to the USB 0.5A port. Power consumption up to 2.5 watts.

What can be connected to a 1A USB port

You can optionally connect low-power hard drives to USB ports with maximum current; in some hard drives, there can be two USB connectors. In this case, one for power and information transfer the second only for power. These ports can connect devices with a power consumption of up to 5 watts.

What can be connected to a 2A USB port

In some devices, there are such ports, you can connect any device to them, but you can also connect devices that require more power, with a power consumption of up to 10 watts. External hard drives, etc.

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