Block code dnt001 TV Samsung

Of course, I hope that you will never encounter this error on your Samsung device (phone, tablet or TV). But if you do – don’t worry, in this article I will tell you how to fix it.

Message on the screen Samsung block code DNT001

If the following message appears on the screen of your device that means that this device isn’t activated. The message would look like:

This device has not been activated. Contact your retailer for a product replacement. Block code:DNT001

Below would be placed the serial number of your device.

After this message appears, you can no longer use the device. If it is a TV, you can only turn it on or off. On your phone there is also nothing you can do; the device simply doesn’t work.

What the message block code DNT001 means

This message means that the device is illegal.

  • It could mean several things. Here are the most common reasons:
  • The device is a copy of the original or someone has produced multiple devices with the same serial number.
  • The device has been stolen. In this case, there are two possibilities. Either the device was stolen from the real owner who complained to Samsung. Or it was a batch of devices that was received by the retailer, but not paid for. In this case, Samsung also blocks the device.

How the Samsung phone or TV is blocked, block code DNT001

The process of locking such a device is quite simple. First of all, Samsung receives a message that the device is illegal or stolen.

Then, when the device accesses the Internet, the device is connecting to Samsung servers (for example, to check for updates).

Samsung has a list of devices that are illegal and must be blocked, then if the serial number of the device matches the number on the list – it gets blocked.

The device then displays information about the lock code DNT001.

How to unlock block code DNT001

The first thing to do is to contact the store where you bought the device. You might get a replacement. You can also contact Samsung, and they will most likely tell you that your device was once obtained illegally and will recommend you to return it to the store. But if you bought the device out of the store, that won’t help.

In theory, you can also unlock such a device yourself. Theoretically, it can be done, but you need to have certain skills. Reflashing the device won’t help, as soon as the device connects to Samsung servers you will again get such a message about the lock. The only way is to reflash such a device and keep the connection turned off.

Other way is just to manually change the serial number of your device using the third-party apps.

However! I gave two last paragraphs just as a thing for consideration. If your device is blocked, that means it’s illegal. So don’t violate the law and don’t try to take illegal actions.

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  1. Can you please assist with skills to unblock DNT001 on a Samsung Smart TV. If you wanna do it manually.

    • the serial number of your TV is on the Samsung blacklist. If you purchased your TV legally, contact the retailer, if not, you have only one option, replace the TV main board.


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