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In 2020, Samsung introduced a new type of TVs – TVs for terraces. A feature of this series of TVs is the ability to place the TV outdoors. According to the design features, the TVs can be placed outdoors, but preferably under a shelter. The degree of protection of the TV against external influences IP55, the remote control IP56. What this means and what features TV for terraces I will tell in this article.

What does IP55 and IP56 protection rating mean on Samsung The Terrace TV?

IP55 – The Samsung Terrace with an IP55 rating is protected against dust, which can be detrimental to the normal operation of the TV, but the TV is not sealed. The TV is also protected against moisture, namely rain from any direction, devices are tested by exposing them to a 6.3 mm diameter low pressure water jet to obtain this rating.

IP56 – The remote control is dust-proof and protected against strong jets of water. This means that you can leave the remote control in the pouring rain and nothing will happen to it. Model TM2095A remote control.

What this means in reality, the material of the TV body is made of plastic that is resistant to sunlight as well as temperature. It should not warp or crack. The electrical boards are additionally coated with a protective varnish that prevents moisture from getting inside. But you should remember that since the TV is not completely sealed, it is not recommended to leave it outdoors for the winter, even under a shelter. There are special covers that can be used to cover the TV, but it’s still not the best solution. If you want to keep your TV for years to come, it’s better to take it off in the winter when you’re not using the terrace all the time and bring it inside for winter storage.

Model Numbers The Terrace TVs

There are three TV models to be released. International designation 55LST7T, 65LST7T, 75LST7T. The first televisions will start to be sold in the North American market, USA, Canada, Mexico, starting sales in May 2020. For other countries, sales are scheduled to start later in the year. For the US, the TVs will have model numbers QN75LST7TAFXZA, QN65LST7TAFXZA, QN55LST7TAFXZA. The TVs are available in three screen sizes 55, 65, 75 inches.

Samsung TV The Terrace Specifications

Detailed technical specifications of The Terrace TVs are listed below. But the main parameter that Samsung claims is the brightness, which is more than 2000 nits. Nits is an obsolete unit of brightness measurement, replaced by lumens or candela with the same value of 2000 nits = 2000 lumens = 2000 candela. Used to measure brightness per square meter.

What 2000 nits brightness means

For comparison, a computer display has a brightness of about 350-400 ni. At a higher brightness it is uncomfortable to look at the screen. The Terrace TV has increased the brightness of the screen with a more powerful LED backlighting. This is done so that you can watch TV outside in daylight. But you have to realize that if you set the TV so that the sun is shining on it, you won’t see anything on the screen. The brightness of sunlight is about 6,000,000 nits. The brightness of a cloudless sky is 1,500-4,000 nits. The increased brightness of the TV allows you to watch TV on the terrace during the day, provided it is installed in the shade of the terrace.

Main technical characteristics of The Terrace displays

The color depth of the screen is 10 bits, the screen is made using quantum dot technology, the actual frame rate is 120 per second, but nothing is said about the use of local dimming. The screens have an anti-reflective coating, which greatly improves image quality in bright light. UHD screen resolution.

Technical specifications The Terrace TV

The technical specifications can be said to be standard. The sound, of course, is weak – only two 10-watt speakers. But Samsung also made a soundbar for The Terrace TV. Of the new, the TV has an HDBaseT receiver built in. If you have an HDBaseT in receiver, you can use that connection as well. The TV does not support voice control.

Full specifications of The Terrace

The Terrace
Screen Size55, 65, 75
StyleFlat Panel
Resolution3,840 x 2,160
screen bit10bit
type scrennQuantum Dot
screen technologyVA
BacklightingDirect Full Array 16X
Dimming TechnologyNo
Stand Type (Color)No
Bezel WidthNo
Motion Rate240
refresh rate120
Color100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot
HDR (High-Dynamic Range)Quantum HDR 32x
Picture EngineQuantum Processor 4K
Sound Output20W
Speaker Type2.0CH
Object Tracking SoundNo
Multiroom LinkYes
OSTizen 5.5
BluetoothYes only Audio
Smart HubYes (incl. Sports, Music and TV Plus)
Digital Clean ViewYes
Ultra BlackNo
Closed CaptioningYes
Game ModeYes
Eco SensorYes
Mobile to TV - Mirroring, DLNAYes
Google AssistantYes
Auto Channel SearchYes
InstaPort S (HDMI Quick Switch)No
Channel GuideYes
Ambient ModeNo
Auto Power OffYes
AI Technology?
Apps PlatformSmart TV with Bixby Voice, Apps and Full Web Browser
Auto Motion PlusNo
Embedded POPNo
Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)Yes
TV to Mobile - MirroringYes
USB HID SupportYes
AI UpscaleYes
Easy PairingNo
Inputs & Outputs
RF In (Terrestrial/CableYes
RF In (Satellite Input)Yes Europe, No US
Digital Audio Out (Optical)Yes
Audio Return Channel SupportYes
One ConnectNo
Samsung OneRemoteYes
Digital BroadcastingATSC/ClearQAM US, DVB Europe
Analog TunerYes
Remote controlTM2095A

Samsung Terrace TV price vs QLED 90T

At the beginning of sales, the price of the TV is $5,000 for a 65-inch TV. Later the price will be reduced by $500 to $700. The Q90T TV with a 65-inch screen costs $2,500. The Terrace TV is at least $2,000 more expensive. It’s hard to say whether this TV is worth the money. For example, Terrace TVs are less expensive than Samsung’s at But if Samsung has made provisions for operating the TV in a wide range of temperatures, from sub-zero to heat, that price is possible and justifiable.

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