In more and more users in the use of LED TVs, unfortunately LED TV has a matrix which is highly sensitive to shocks or falls. Only expensive model TVs with top matrices, some manufacturers protect the glass. In a cheap matrix models installed without protection.

The phones and laptops are also similar to the matrix, if the phones given that it is wearable screen necessarily protect glass or plastic, in notebooks no screen protection. for the production of laptops companies policy is such that the matrices are freely sold and can be easily bought.

In TV repair situation is slightly different, the manufacturers do not welcome the free market matrix screens. They are available only in the service centers for warranty replacement or customized as after-sales service. So buy a template for an independent replacement difficult.

Where to buy a matrix TV

It is believed that the matrix of the TV to buy uneconomical replacement of the matrix will cost 80-90% of the cost of a new TV, it really is in the repair service center. But the situation is quite different in the order of the matrix and the individual performance of repairs if a good search on the internet and you can find businesses that perform replacement of the matrix.

And if you turn to trading platforms such as the searching can be quite good to find a matrix to TVs.

Screen panel

Add about 20 pounds per shipment and we get a matrix, which is quite possible to replace and repair the TV.

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