Samsung as other manufacturers of refrigerators produces a line of embedded equipment. Models of refrigerators are not many, as a rule this is one, two models. A question may arise, and why there are so few models of built-in refrigerators. Built-in refrigerators are small, because in appearance they are the same, the differences can be in the size of the refrigerator in height, which automatically changes the internal volume of the refrigerator.

Why only in height, for the kitchen built-in appliances can be a width of 40cm. or 60cm. Also, the depth of the refrigerator is limited, the depth of the standard kitchen is 60 cm., Therefore, the refrigerator must meet these standards, taking into account the reserve for the gaps between the refrigerator and kitchen elements, and also the wall, the standard dimensions of the built-in refrigerator width is 540 mm. depth 550mm (usually with the handle). Refrigerators with a width of 40 cm are not produced, such small refrigerators are not practical.
Built-in refrigerators are sold only in some countries.

But there may be a question, but why for example the width of the whole 6cm stock. And in here you need to know the features of Samsung refrigerators. In Samsung refrigerators, the heat exchanger for heat removal (which is formed during the operation of the refrigerator) consists of two parts and is placed on the sides of the refrigerator, and on top is covered with an iron sheet coated with enamel. This is a fairly good solution because it allows you to put the refrigerator close to the wall and over time does not reduce heat exchange (there is no dust that can accumulate on the heat exchanger). The distance between the refrigerator and the elements of the kitchen is needed to ensure air circulation and cooling. 5 cm in depth is done for the possibility of installing facades on the doors of the refrigerator, since the refrigerator is built-in and in its design should harmoniously fit into the overall appearance of the kitchen.

The main differences between built-in refrigerators:

  • It is necessary to install facades on the doors.
  • The refrigerator is smaller than an ordinary refrigerator.

Models of built-in refrigerators, differences between models in the type of control, other parameters are the same.

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