Now the market offers quite a few different models of TVs, but how to choose the right TV, that he would meet all the requirements and not get frustrated by the purchase. TV vendors in many cases do not disclose all information about the TVs being sold, and on the manufacturers’ websites it is also not always possible to find the information they need.

Many buyers buy TVs based on price, and in many cases on a well-known brand. Although in modern conditions this can not serve as a criterion in the choice of television.

Why this happens, since 2000, the concept for the production of household appliances has changed very much, if before the company the owner of the brand itself produced and sold TVs, now, due to globalization and big competition in the market, TV production has become unprofitable, only some companies continue research and development. Companies were created that began to manufacture components for TV sets and it became cheaper for the manufacturer to purchase components on the side by simply assembling TV sets. As an example, LG owns a factory for the production of displays LG display, screens for its TVs Sony buys from LG.

Most of the companies decided to stop the production of television sets, but the existing production facilities should either be re-profiled or discarded. There were corporations that carry out aggressive expansion of markets offering cheap equipment. They buy production or simply brands, very often just a license to manufacture and sell TVs under certain brands for a period.

TVs of the same brand can be ordered from different manufacturers or be licensed for a couple of years by one company, and then another. As an example of Toshiba TVs. Initially, the TVs were produced by the Japanese company Toshiba, which also developed new technologies, but since 2012 the segment of TV sales was unprofitable, and in Toshiba financial difficulties arose. in 2015 the television business was closed, the plant in Mexico and the Toshiba brand for the American market was sold to the Chinese company Compal, which continued to produce Toshiba TVs for America. For other regions, the license for the production of TVs was sold to the Turkish concern Vestel, which in the period 2015-2017 produced and sold Toshiba TVs for Europe and Asia. In 2018, Toshiba decided to finally get rid of the production of TVs, selling it to the Chinese company Hisense. Toshiba TVs since 2015 are not manufactured by Toshiba.

Companies that buy a license for the production and sale of televisions are not economically interested in investing in research, they buy parts from third-party manufacturers, or simply order TVs from companies that produce TVs with branding on demand.

Now all TVs can be divided into two types

Televisions that are produced by the owners of the brand are invested in research, there are only a few Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Funai.

Televisions that are licensed or assembled by third-party manufacturers, under any brand to order, are brands such as Sharp, Toshiba, JVC, Philips, Polaroid, Vizio, RCA, Thomson, Grundig and all others.

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