One of the most advanced TV 2016 LG companies. Ninth series of TVs with IPS displays, which LG was named Quantum displays.



Since this is the TV of the premium in its manufacture the highest quality materials used. TV stand and setting the screen is made of metal. The design is applied fairly new technology reduce the thickness of the TV. At the top of the TV screen is very thin, there is at the bottom of the TV thickening which contains dynamics, control board, the diodes backlight TV screen. This makes the TV unusual.



Features and Ports

TV equipped with standard connectors, consider the left to the right

  • LAN – connection to a computer network
  • Optical audio out – output digital audio to an optical standard
  • AV + Audio  – Mini jacks for connecting an analog signal to a TV
  • HDMI – digital video 2 connector
  • USB – Standard port
  • Antenna – for cable and terrestrial TV
  • Satellitу – port for connecting a satellite TV

Side one more HDMI and 2 USB, and a slot for connecting a card reader for viewing coded programs.


The image quality and capabilities:

UH950V (UH9500) is a series of 9 TVs with IPS screens have a resolution of 4K. TV is controlled by the operating system has a maximum TV features. Even there 3D which now remains only in the TV series 8 and 9. Image Quality is not bad as it is set 120Hz matrix, although content with a frame rate of 120 per second until it is released.

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