LG published a rating of TVs available for sale in May 2017. This rating is compiled by Consumer Reports on the basis of a study of televisions available in the North American market. This information is relevant for other regions.

The rating of TVs was made according to the following parameters:

  1. HD picture quality
  2. Ultra HD performance
  3. Viewing angle
  4. Sound quality
  5. Motion blur
  6. Versatility
  7. Energy cost/yr. ($)

These parameters most accurately represent the image quality in the TV.

The highest ratings were received by TVs LG and Sony which use matrixes OLED, and Sony purchases matrixes from LG. TVs with OLED matrices have only one parameter which can be called not ideal blurring of the image, but there’s nothing you can do that’s a feature of the screens. The TVs of the following models received the best ratings:

  • LG OLED65W7P
  • LG OLED65C7P
  • Sony Bravia XBR-65A1E
  • LG OLED65G6P
  • LG OLED65E6P
  • Sony XBR-65X930E
  • LG OLED65C6P

Slightly below the ratings were TVs with improved LED screens, Samsung are TVs with screens on quantum dots and TV models of the 8th, 9th series.

ratings TV 06.2017
ratings TV 06.2017-1
ratings TV 06.2017-2
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