I talk about model numbers often enough because I think they are important. However, the more I talk about it, the more difficult questions I encounter. Recently, I received a question via email about what the numbers 01-04 at the end of a Samsung refrigerator model number mean. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what it meant myself, so I had to spend some time researching the question, but now I’m ready to help you.

Let’s take the model number RF28HDEDBSR 02 as an example.

The digits at the end mean the revision number of the refrigerator model. This information is also written on the information label, but in a different form. It looks like REV. 02.

An example is in the picture below.

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The example of 02 number on the Samsung information label

What is a revision, model generation of Samsung refrigerator

A refrigerator is a large kitchen appliance, the company doesn’t need to produce a new refrigerator model every year, one refrigerator model can be produced for several years. If a refrigerator model has just begun production, it’s the first revision.

Samsung service centers keep track of the most frequent malfunctions that occur during the operation of the refrigerator. Design engineers modify something and change it. For example, one of the common problems is ice freezing on the ice maker. Samsung has modified the ice maker design several times.

When components incompatible with previously manufactured refrigerators are installed in the refrigerator after modifications, a new revision number is assigned.

You can also say that it is another generation of the refrigerator model. Therefore, you can see the numbers 01 to 04 in the model number of the refrigerator.

For the buyer of a new refrigerator, this does not play a special role. But if you need to buy a replacement part, be sure to pay attention to the revision number of your refrigerator. Especially pay attention to whether the part you buy matches the revision number of your refrigerator.

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