Samsung refrigerator model number decoder, explained 2012-2020


Samsung refrigerator models which means explained

The model number of the Samsung fridge is not just a number, the model number contains information that will help the buyer make a choice. For example, by the model number you can find out the type of refrigerator, in which year the refrigerator model was developed, for which country the refrigerator was manufactured. The color of the fridge.

Types of Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung offers several types of refrigerators,

  • with a freezer bottom,
  • with a freezer at the top, but such refrigerators are not sold in all countries.
  • refrigerators with a freezer compartment on the side side by side (in some countries) such refrigerators are called, American type refrigerators or family refrigerators.
  • many door refrigerators, such refrigerators have doors more than two, also such refrigerators are called French Door (French door).

Decode model number Samsung refrigerators 2012-2019

In the labeling of refrigerators, the manufacturer indicates information about the type of refrigerator, its volume, type of control (although this information is of no practical use), the color of the refrigerator and the country for which this refrigerator is manufactured.

Sample decoding model number Samsung refrigerator


  • В – first letter, indicates that the refrigerator is built-in
  • R – refrigerator, means that this product is a refrigerator
  • S – type of refrigerator,
    • S-Side-by-Side freezer on the side;
    • B, L-freezer from below;
    • T-freezer from above;
    • H-Side-by-Side freezer on the side and a double door (an additional door with glass, lets you see that in the refrigerator without letting out the cold;
    • F-four-door refrigerator;
    • R-refrigerator with one door.
  • 68 – Approximate volume of the refrigerator (for countries using the metric system of calculation in liters, in the US, Canada and a number of other countries that use the English system in cubic feet).

How to find out what year my fridge is

Clarification is not the year when the refrigerator was assembled at the factory. This is the year when the model was developed, can produce a refrigerator for 5 years.

  • N – year of development, 
    • T-2020
    • R-2019,
    • N-2018
    • M-2017
    • K-2016
    • J -2015
    • H-2014
    • F-2013
    • E-2012
  • 8 – series
  • 670 – indicates the type of control and design of the refrigerator (the presence of handles, dispenser)
  • S9 – color of refrigerator
  • EU – the last two letters, the country for which the refrigerator is made. Since a compressor is installed in the refrigerator for a certain voltage, it is important that the refrigerator gets to the country for which it was made.

Also released several models of refrigerators in which did not specify the volume for example RSA1SHVB1, RF24HSESBSR or RSG5UUMH1, these refrigerators were positioned as a series of A1, G5, 24. In the refrigerators of these series, some one feature was elevated to the rank of advantage, although refrigerators of other series also had this function, (marketing move).

The color range of refrigerators is very diverse, each year there are new shades, for acquaintance in the table are collected the most common colors of refrigerators.

How to find out what color the refrigerator

designation Color  
RS, SR, US Stainless steel RL63GABRS
BG, 2C Black glass RSH5SLBG
MR, 2A specular RSH5ZLMR
WG, 1L White glass RL55TTE1L
TB, BC black RL50RECTB
PS, TS, SA, SH Silver RB38J7761SA
PN, IH, IS, SS, S8 INOX (imitates stainless steel) RSH5SBPN
SL INOX 2 (imitates stainless steel) RL55TEBSL
X4 Elegant steel RL52TEBX4
7F Elegant steel RH60H90207F
XB Brown RB41J7751XB
Noble bronze RH60H90203L
5K Steel under glass RL57TTE5K
1J White under glass RS552NRUA1J
S4 Steel RB41J7857S4
5H Steel under glass with engraving RS844CRPC5H
XW Stainless steel with engraving RF905QBLAXW
2B Black glass with rhinestones RS844CRPC2B
9M Bordeaux RS552NRUA9M
UT Purple RT53K6340UT

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  1. Hi, can you please explain the following model:
    R- Frig: T: Top Freezer:
    39 : 390 lit;
    R- 2019 Model:
    5 – ??
    45 E – ??
    SL – Color

  2. Why HL is mentioned in all Samsung Refrigerator Models which are available online in India? what is the meaning of HL in the same?

  3. Rt56T6378BS – can you help decode the manufacturing year and the color of this refrigerator as well… thanks in advance!

  4. Hi. What is the meaning of the 2 digits after the country code? In my case:
    rf26hfendsr/aa 04
    I see some parts listed for 01, 02 and 03 but not 04.

    • 04 is a modification. In this case it means that you have a 4th generation refrigerator in this model. The manufacturer eliminates shortcomings in the process of production, improves something, if after the changes the components are changed (do not fit to earlier versions) the refrigerator is assigned a new code.

    • The exact date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number. This 2011 model year

  5. I am trying to find the year of manufacture for a Samsung Refrigerator whose model number is RS263BBSH/XAA … would you have any info? Thank you, Sandy Jordan

  6. Hi,
    Do you have idea which manufacture date/year is year code “DH” or DB” or “DF”?
    However these aren’t Samsung refrigerators (Linde) but I don’t find anything about this type of codes.
    Thanks in advance

    • D – 2011 is not the year of manufacture, it is the year of development of the Samsung appliance model.
      The exact date of manufacture can be obtained from the serial number
      Samsung TV serial numbers decoder 2001-2020

  7. Samsung model RS72R5011B4
    S/N: 0UNR47SNA00190X
    Can you please tell me manufacturing year/month and country of origin?

    • This refrigerator model has been manufactured since 2012. In the serial number F6, it is F year and month 6 of production. But Samsung does not use the letter F to indicate the year.
      Z — 2010
      B — 2011
      C — 2012
      D — 2013
      E — 2014
      G — 2015
      Check the serial number again, it does not match the samsung standard.

    • 2190 – code, it contains information about which factories supplied parts for the assembly
      4 – Samsung product, refrigerator
      2 – the country of assembly of the refrigerator
      2 – assembly line number at the factory
      L – 2006
      7 – July month
      00279 – serial number

      Your refrigerator was made in July 2006.

  8. Hi can you please tell me what colour is the S9, you have S8 on your list but not the S9.

    Thank you

    • Unfortunately, Samsung says that
      S9 – just Silver
      We recommend to look at the color of the fridge in the store.

      • Thanks for the info. You are correct, SL is sold in Indonesia, but only sold by very few sellers, while most sellers sold SE series. I am curious why in Samsung Indonesia website only mentioned SE series instead.

  9. Hello, Can I know about bellow model numbers which I found in Sri Lanka.

    • RT – fridge-freezer model with freezer on top
      340, 370 – total refrigerator volume in liters, useful less.
      M – model 2017
      5 – series of refrigerators
      532 – model
      S8, S9 – color and design

  10. hello,

    I can see below codes in Iran market ,
    would you please help me to understand them ?

    thank you

    • R – refrigerator
      S – model side by side
      72 – refrigerator capacity of 730 litres
      G5 – special series of refrigerators, reduced wall thickness, to increase the internal volume.
      51 – refrigerator capacity of 510 litres
      K – model 2016 year
      P.S. Read the reviews of these models, the refrigerators of 2016 used an ice maker for which there were many complaints.

  11. i’m also interested if you have more info on the following:
    670 – indicates the type of control and design of the refrigerator (the presence of handles, dispenser)

    because i see models with 030, 035, 535 and i don’t really know what they mean.

    thanks in advance!

      • for example:

        For example the first two are almost the same code except the “030” and “035” difference.
        The 3rd one is a big larger (RT38 vs RT32) and has the “530” code after the year code (K) and generation code (5).

        • 030-035 Different designs, possibly different shelves in the refrigerator or shelves for different purposes.
          530 – The fridge has a display on the doors inside is the same as the 030

          • Thanks a lot for you info!
            I’ve also just noticed that the power class differs on the first 2 codes, or at least in my country:
            RT32K5030S9/EO – power class A+
            RT32K5035S9/EO – power class A++

            • Energy efficiency index A+ and A++
              it’s very tentative, it’s calculated by formulas when averaged. Under real conditions, it never corresponds to the calculated one.

  12. Hello,
    Do you have more data of below?
    670 – indicates the type of control and design of the refrigerator (the presence of handles, dispenser)


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