Dimming the TV screen, what it is and how it works

All these names are commercial. Used by manufacturers to promote their televisions. We understand that in TVs the control of local illumination is carried out at the program level. What parameters are important for the local dimming, let’s call them, the type of screen (the screen must support local dimming) and the software that works out the algorithms of work. Algorithms for local dimming remain unchanged. Turning off the backlight if a black image is shown.

Which means Supreme UHD Dimming

Supreme UHD Dimming is a trademark for which the application was filed in January 2016 by Samsung. One of the names of local dimming technology for UHD TVs.

This local dimming system on Samsung TVs was first implemented on 9th series TVs with SUHD screens, on quantum dots, in 2018 this technology was also applied on 7th series TVs. There are a lot of names for local dimming. Samsung is not an exception to the Supreme UHD Dimming, the local dimming system for quantum dot TVs (similar to the name of the TV Super and Supreme) on UHD TVs is simply UHD Dimming.

Televisions with screens on quantum dots, the screen backlight is applied, these are the same LED TVs. Only in the manufacture of screens used higher quality materials.

Which means UHD Dimming

UHD TVs use just UHD Dimming. The first name of the blackout technology. This name is used for dimming the backlight on TVs with UHD (4K) resolution. The marketing name for local dimming technology for 4K TVs.

Which means Samsung Dimming System Overview

  • UHD Dimming – The marketing name for the dimming technology used on UHD resolution televisions applies to both Direct and Edge screens.
  • Supreme UHD Dimming – marketing name of the screen dimming technology originally invented for the super series, which was then converted to Q series. It is used in screens on quantum dots. Used in both Direct and Edge screens.
  • Ultimate 8K Dimming is the next marketing name for 8K screens.

How the screen dimming system works

The principle of operation of the screen dimming system in LED TVs is quite simple. The TV screen consists of pixels of polarized crystals that, when a certain voltage is applied, turn and pass light through themselves. An algorithm has been developed that compares what voltage is applied to the crystals and, depending on the voltage and the number of pixels that are closed in a certain area, turns off the backlight of this area of the screen.

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