Sony is a Japanese Sony Corporation (Sony Corporation) brand that produces various electronics. Regarding television production, in 2009, the company’s management decided to change its television production strategy. This was influenced by falling TV business revenues and increased competition, especially from Chinese manufacturers.

As a result, TV production was transferred to an outsourcing scheme (partially). This means that Sony develops the concept of new TV models, but the assembly of TVs is both in-house production and outsourcing. TVs are assembled in factories owned by Sony, as well as in third-party factories of electronics assemblers, the so-called OEM, ODM manufacturers. It is now standard practice that companies own factories to manufacture and assemble components. The business scheme of these companies is built in such a way that they initially assume to produce devices to order. Due to the availability of a large number of orders, they invest in industrial equipment, and the high utilization of production facilities generates profits.

Companies that own brands and sell TVs, once they agree with the OEM, or ODM manufacturer on the concept of a new TV, order the production of the finished TV. Sony is no exception, and Apple is a prime example of this approach to product manufacturing; who doesn’t know that Apple develops the phone or computer concept, and Foxconn (the primary manufacturer of Apple devices) makes the components and assembles the devices. Outsourcing the production of televisions allowed the company to reduce costs and continue producing televisions, although this product segment is very complex and more unprofitable than profitable. However, TV sales increased in 2020 due to the global crisis caused by COVID.

Features of Sony TVs

In my opinion, what makes Sony TVs different from other TV manufacturers. Sony procures quality components from new batches for its TVs; for example, Sony’s OLED TVs 2022 are equipped with displays made by Samsung, and QD-OLED screens will be developed in 2021. Also, the company pays close attention to the quality of image processing and the speed of TVs. Because of this, Sony TVs are more expensive than Samsung or LG.

Where is Sony manufactured?

As I mentioned, Sony assembles some of its TVs in its assembly plants, mainly in Malaysia. The expensive TV models are assembled in these factories; all low-cost models are outsourced. Therefore, most Sony TVs and many other Sony devices are assembled by third-party OEM and ODM assemblers. One of the most prominent representatives of this line of business is Foxconn.

Sony TV made in which country

It would help if you understood that in today’s world, it makes no difference which country the companies manufacture their products in. Companies like Sony pay a lot of attention to quality control processes, especially the components supplied. So it makes no difference whether the TV is assembled in a Sony factory or in a factory of an outsourced company; the product’s quality will be identical. But if you’re wondering, Sony TVs are assembled in third-party factories located in the following countries. India, Slovakia, Mexico, China, and Russia. Sony TVs are made in their factories in Malaysia and Japan.

Sony made in India

India is struggling to provide jobs for its population; the significant overpopulation and lack of employment are forcing a vast number of people in India to live below the poverty line. To increase the number of jobs and attract foreign investors, the Indian government has imposed high taxes on electronics imports, forcing companies to move their production to India. So Sony 2015 ordered the production of televisions in India at Foxconn’s Chennai plant. Foxconn assembles TVs under the Sony brand. Sony televisions made in India are sold in India and are almost never exported to other countries.

Sony made in Spain

Sony produced TV sets in Spain until 2010. In 2010, it was decided to close the factory in Spain. The factory was sold to Ficosa Corporation, which specializes in producing components for the automotive industry. Production of Sony TVs in Spain has stopped.

Sony made in Slovakia

There were two TV assembly plants in Slovakia. One was opened in 2007 in the city of Nitra. The televisions from this factory were sold in the markets of Eastern Europe. The second factory has operated Trnava since 1996 and produced parts to assemble TV sets. The factory in Trnava was gradually closed because the production of components became unprofitable.

The TV assembly plant in Nitra was one of Sony’s most extensive and could fully supply the European market with TVs. The plant had 32 TV assembly lines. Due to falling TV sales in 2010, the plant was sold to the Taiwanese corporation Foxconn. Foxconn began assembling Sony televisions to order. The plant produces TVs for Sony, and Foxconn also makes TVs for other customers at this plant. This plant has an average of about 3 million Sony televisions a year. These televisions are shipped to European markets.

Sony made in Mexico

In Mexico, the Sony factory is located in Tijuana. Tijuana is a massive hub for producing various products for the United States. Tijuana is located near the border, which makes logistics very cheap. But in 2010, this plant was sold to Foxconn as part of the reorganization of Sony TV production. The plant continued to produce Sony TVs under an outsourcing arrangement. The televisions produced in Mexico are shipped to North American markets.

Sony made in Malaysia

Malaysia is the leading development and production site for Sony products. Malaysia has two R&D centers in Selangor and Penang and TV manufacturing plants in Bangi, Selangor. Most Sony televisions are made in Malaysia. Televisions made in Malaysia are exported to Asia, Africa, and many other countries. It is a prominent intellectual and production hub for Sony. Sony decided to keep this hub and concentrate on development and production in one place.

Sony made in China

The televisions are assembled in China, mainly for the Chinese market. Foxconn makes them. Since Foxconn has about 20 factories in China, it’s hard to say where precisely the televisions are assembled. But it doesn’t matter. The Chinese market is mainly focused on cheap TVs; not many Sony TVs are bought inside China.

Sony made in Japan

Sony only makes TVs in Japan for the domestic market. Sony has a pretty strong TV sales position in Japan and is said to have several active assembly lines still.

Sony made in Russia

In Russia, the production of Sony TVs is organized in the city of Tver under the outsourcing system at the production facilities of Jabil Circuit. Sony TVs have been assembled at this facility since 2009. In 2022 the factory was closed production of Sony TVs in Russia ceased.

Note that there is nothing wrong with Sony TVs being assembled by another company. In today’s environment, this is a normal phenomenon. Companies in the OEM and ODM segments maintain high-quality production and assembly standards. So, there is not much difference where the Sony TV was assembled.

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