Screen Curvature 1000R, 1800R, 3800R, 4200R, 4600R, 5000R, what is it


About eight years ago there were curved screens, in technical descriptions of monitors and televisions having curved screen there is such parameter – curvature of screen 1000R, 1800R, 4200R, 4600R or 5000R. Let’s talk about what this parameter means.

Screen curvature 1000R-5000R

In fact, it’s very simple, the curvature of the screen means the following, it’s the bend radius of the screen. The bend radius of the screen is laid down immediately when designing screens taking into account the specifics of production lines. After it will be decided which screens (with what bend to produce), the production of appropriate TVs or monitors is designed.

Why were the curved screens invented

According to the idea of engineers if a person is in the proposed center of the circle, the bend of the monitor, and this is for example at 1000R person sits at a distance of 1 meter from the monitor, then any image on the screen will be at one distance from him. And turning his head, the person will see the image without distortion.

Curved screens in monitors

In monitors, because it is assumed that a person sits practically next to the monitor taken small radii 1000R, 1800R. As mentioned above, provided that you sit right in front of the monitor, then almost any part of the screen will be at one distance from you. Of course, you should also consider your vertical position. It is desirable that the center of the monitor is right in front of you. If the monitor is placed on the side, all the advantages of such a monitor are lost.

Curved screens in TVs 3800R, 4200R, 5000R

4200R indicates the TV screen is curved with a radius of 4.2 meters. Why in 1000R, 1800R monitors and 4200R TV. This is because the TV set has a big screen and it is inconvenient to watch it from a distance of one meter, the curvature of the TV set depends on the diagonal, the bigger the TV set is, the smaller should be done with the curvature of the screen.

Samsung offers 4200R Curvature TVs in LG with 4600R and 5000R curvature. The optimal curvature of the TV screen ranges between 4 and 5 meters.

Watching TV programs on a curved TV, if it will have a strong curvature, when watching TV on the side will be visible distortion of the near corner, if you make a smaller curvature, it loses its meaning. The distance of 4,2 meters is optimal, with such curvature of the screen the viewer does not feel discomfort from watching even from the side. Cinemas also have curved screens and when watching a movie, the viewer is normally watching the movie sitting on the side seats.

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