3D glasses LG 2012-2015 TV compatibility


Unfortunately, 3D technology from 2017 is not supported by TVs. But who has an old LG TV with 3D, you can choose the necessary model of 3D glasses.

LG TV comes with several types of glasses for viewing 3D video.

AG-F310, F sunglasses are designed for passive viewing video

S  active points and are intended for plasma.

AG-F200, AG-F215, AG-F260 delivered to one of the first 3D TVs release 2012.

AG-F300, AG-F310, AG-F330 released for television since 2013.

AG-F310P model for games, so-called dual play glasses they need to have 2 pairs for the two players they have sold.

AG-F400, AG-F420 Glasses for TVs in 2015.

AG-S350 European model is suitable for plasma TVs 2012/2013, active technology

AG-S360 European model is suitable for television in 2014. plasma, active technology


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