Philips TV model number by year 2012-2019 decode, explained


Philips TV models number explained

How to find out my Philips TV model

You can find out the model of the TV from the sticker on the back of the TV. If the sticker cannot be seen or it is missing, then you can find out the model number from the TV menu, find the TV information menu.

Who makes Philips TVs

In North America – TVs are manufactured by Funai, Japan. Funai has factories on which various devices are assembled, including televisions. The company itself is not engaged in technical development.

Europe – Philips TV brand is owned by TP Vision of China. Which bought the brand from the Finnish company Philips, as well as production facilities for the assembly of televisions. Philips has decided to stop producing televisions. Since 2012, all Philips TVs have been manufactured by the Chinese. Therefore, in 2012, a new marking of TV models was applied. How to understand the technical characteristics of TVs, find out the year of assembly, the type of screen you can from the model number of the TV.

TV Philips model number  2012-2019 decode

Model number  Philips TV mean

  • 48 – screen size inches
  • P – TV

Screen Type on Philips TV

  • U – resolution
    • H – HD,
    • F – Full HD,
    • U – UHD,
    • O – OLED UHD

Type of digital tuner on a Philips TV

  • S – type digital tuner
    • H – DVB-T/C,
    • K – DVB-T/C/S/S2,
    • T – DVB-T/T2/C,
    • S – T/T2/C/S/S2,
    • L – ATSC
  • 7 – Series
  • 6 – model in the series
  • 0 – design
  • 0– year of development 

How to find out what year the TV

  • 7 – 2012,
    • 8 – 2013,
    • 9 – 2014,
    • 0 -2015,
    • 1 – 2016,
    • 2 – 2017
    • 3 – 2018
    • 4 – 2019
  • 12 – Country or region for which the TV was produced.

How old is my TV Philips 

What year is my tv? We look at the last digit of the Philips TV model number. The last character indicates the year of development of the TV model.

  • 7 – 2012
  • 8 – 2013
  • 9 – 2014
  • 0 – 2015
  • 1 – 2016
  • 2 – 2017
  • 3 – 2018
  • 4 – 2019
  • 5 – 2020


2019 Philips TVs have not changed much, they use Android OS, several models of TVs with OLED screens are presented. Unfortunately, Philips TVs are losing their market position, after the change in brand ownership, new technology development has slowed.


TP Vision The Chinese company, which acquired the right to use the Philips brand in the name of the TV in 2011, was recently clearly outperforming the leading Korean and Japanese TV manufacturers as a smart platform. In 2018, the smart platform (interface) was updated and was called Saphi Smart TV. It is a TV management visualization program that runs on the Android operating system used by Philips. In some countries, the name Smart TV may be different, for example in the US such a platform is called NetTV.

As before, televisions use the backlight of the room behind the Ambilight TV.

Otherwise, there are no innovations, all the same HDR, UHD screen resolution.


In 2017, Philips began production of TVs with OLED screens. As with other TV manufacturers, the main advantages, support for HDR video, 4K screen resolution. And also patented in due time system Ambilight, backlights from the back of the TV depending on the image on the screen.

 Philips TV 2014 model number decode


    • P (PFK)-TV’s
    • Н (PHK)-screen resolution НHDFFull HD, UUHD 
    • H (PFH)-digital tuners HDVB-T/C,КDVB-T/C/S/S2,T-DVB-T/T2/C,ST/T2/C/S/S2,L-ATSC/
    • 4series
    • 10model in the series
    • 9-year (7-2012, 8-2013, 9-2014, 0-2015 )
  • /12-region


  1. My model NO is Philips 40PFL5706/F7 is it considered a smart TV?, I’m looking to cut the cable and go ROKU or other streaming service. Thank you.

    • Yes, it is a Smart TV, only very old. If you want to use Roku, you can watch movies over HDMI. But when you buy Roku, make sure that the video formats are compatible. Your TV supports 1080/60i, 1080/60p, 480/60i, 480/60p, 720/60p video formats. You should buy a Roku that supports 1080/60p (this is the best video format your TV supports).

    • The year of TV production can be determined by the model number. It is difficult to get information from the serial number, since 2012 Philips TVs are produced under license by different companies.
      Who makes Philips TVs

  2. Thank you! All I wanted was a User Guide because my remote is dead and the TV powers on at HDMI Setting. Without a remote I cannot change the source. I will keep looking.

  3. And what about 32PFH4101/88 ? It has year number 1 and region 88, which are not mentioned in this article.


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